The Holy Spirit, Your Financial Advisor

The Holy Spirit, Your Financial Advisor Most People Are Cautious About Any Advice They Receive Concerning Their Finances But What If That Advice Were To Come From The Holy Spirit, The Third Person Of The Trinity In The Holy Spirit, Your Financial Advisor, Dr Creflo Dollar Investigates What The Bible Has To Say About The Role Of The Holy Spirit In The Area Of Making And Keeping Money And Discovers Some Surprising Truths In This Book, Readers Will Discover That The Holy Spirit Will Help Them.Know What God S Word Says About The Person And Work Of The Holy Spirit Hear And Obey The Guidance Provided By The Holy Spirit Access Supernatural Power To Manage Money Apply Practical Knowledge To Take Control Of Finances Tap Into The Wisdom Of Total Life Prosperity Change A Poverty Mindset Discover God S System Of Seedtime And Harvest Practice True Success Practical Application Questions And Activities At The End Of Each Chapter Provide The Reader With Further Helpful Strategies For Obtaining Financial Freedom. I wasn t quite sure how I would take this read but while in the library, I couldn t seem to pass it up So far, my favorite chapters are chapter 7 on God s Way vs World s Way which I am very adamant about the last few years Seems like once you get in your thirties, you become a bit wiser, and only want to go God s way and not my waydone things MY WAY in my college years and high school, not any Although I got my degrees, I realized I did it based on what others thought, where I was talented, skilled, or gifted in, now I see when choosing the right career path is to abide to God s path This is why I love chapter 10 I have made my career choices without first discovering God s purpose, but knew He was with me along the way I also learned that these are ways to prepare us for the major life change when we start to walk into the career choice God has for us, since He knew us before the foundation of this world Romans 11 29 says, For God s gifts and His call are irrevocable Creflo quotes, We don t get to choose the path God has set for our lives we discover it by seeking Him for direction before we pursue our own plan No matter what career we choose, we will find true success only in what God has called us to do page 135 I cannot wait to attest to this once I fulfill the will of God I know the calling God has on my life, and attest to it in my writings, now to live it in color, is scarier than I ever imagined But I am ready to defeat the giant s in
God s system goes completely against the status quo Dr Creflo Dollar, The Holy Spirit, Your Financial Advisor, p 99This book will help one to listen to the Holy Spirit in our financial matters Also, we can learn to rely on the peace of God when we are making our decisions I particularly liked the declarations in the Life Application sections at the end of each chapter.I think there was some practical applications missing from this book and that is why I only gave this book 3 stars There was some good exercises at the end of each chapter and I particularly liked the chapter on choosing the right career.The exercise that Creflo Dollar encourages his readers to do is to ask yourself t
Fast read and easy to digest I enjoyed the confessional sections and will look back to those in the future.

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  • 21 November 2019
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