The Hunger and the Howling of Killian Lone

The Hunger and the Howling of Killian Lone This Is Killian S Confession A Strange Tragedy About Love, Ambition And Incredible Food Killian Lone Comes From A Long Line Of Gifted Cooks, Stretching Back To The 17th Century, And Yearns To Become A Famous Chef Himself When He Starts An Apprenticeship Under Max Mann, The Most Famous Chef In London, He Looks Set To Continue The Family Tradition But The Reality Of Kitchen Life Is Brutal And Relentless Even His Fellow Apprentice, Kathryn, Who Shows Killian Uncharacteristic Kindness, Can T Stop Him Being Sucked Into The Debauched And Viscious World Of 1980s Fine Dining And Gradually He Is Forced To Surrender His Dream Then He Discovers A Dark Family Secret The Legacy Of A Long Dead Ancestor, Who Was Burnt As A Witch For Creating Food So Delicious It Was Said To Turn All Who Tasted It Mad Killian Knows He Can Use This Secret To Achieve His Ambitions And Maybe, Finally, To Win Kathryn S Affections But Is He Willing To Pay The Price That is an amazing book title It is an excellent book too It tells the story of a talented young cook who is determined to become a successful and famous chef As a cookery student, he is given a work placement in the restaurant of a celebrity chef who is his idol It is not what he expected and he moves into a world of bullying and real cruelty It does not dim his ambition though and the boy has access to a special ingredient that can make a meal very special indeed I think I sho
A tale of abuse, obsession and witchcraft.This is a story about Killian Lone and his obsession with becoming a chef, but also intertwined with that is his abusive mother, loving aunt and then some supernatural elements that are never fully explained.Well written
Wow that was a dark, horrifying read Very interesting story and I enjoyed the style but really hard to read certain parts.If bullying, physical and mental abuse, self mutilation, or rape, are triggers for you avoid this book like the plague. I dithered over this book for a long, long time It looked very dark, very masculine, and yet the prospect of a story of food and witchcraft set in the nineteen eighties was enticing So I said yes.Killian Lone grew up in a troubled home, he was bullied at school, but he had a wonderful talent He could cook And he was fortunate to have an aunt who nurtured that talent, who encouraged him to pursue his dreams, and who left him her home so that he could get away from his.It was then that Killian learned that he came from a line of gifted cooks stretching back to the 16th century And that the first cook in that line had been burnt as a witch Killian s idol was Max Martin He was the superstar chef, the public face of the oh so fashionable London Restaurant, King And he was loved, known to the word as the gentleman chef.But when Killian secured in a coveted apprenticeship at King he found that things were rather different behind the scenes That his hero was a despot who would sacrifice anything, anybody in his quest for perfection.Some would crumble under the pressure Many did But Killian had uncovered the family secret and it gave him the means to fight back.But the family secret had been buried for very good reasons, and there were strange and unexpected consequences to Killian s actions.At first Killian s story felt like a
An unusual tale of ambition, greed and love Killian Lone kinda lives up to his name, in the sense that he is a loner Bullied at school and home the only place of sanctuary is with his Aunt Dorothy in her beloved kitchen at Dor cottage, where throughout his childhood she has taught him to love the art of creating tantalising methods with all manner of ingredients His Hero Max, a Michelin starred chef, can do no wrong and it s Killian s greatest wish to not only meet him but to work in his kitchen With the aid of his college lecturer, Killian s determination seems to be starting to pay off but then the world he has known of safety and strength dissolves around him Truth becomes the future and Killian becomes The Best Though at what cost Brilliantly observed notes from the culinary world bring this enticing mix of magic and commitment strumming into life I was reminded of Laura esquivel s Like Water for Chocolate and lapped up every oun
I really wanted to like this, it has a great set up Troubled youngster finds salvation in his Granny s witchcraft amidst the cooking and chaos of a Michelin starred London Restaurant Ostensibly set in 80s London I never really felt that the book managed to convey that sense of time or place the odd mention of a politician or pop star was about the extent of it s attempt at this and since not integral to the plot and added nothing in terms of atmosphere I did wonder why the author had bothered I had a bigger problem unfortunately with Killian himself.Killian starts off a fairly sympathetic character A typical outsider he is bullied at school and abused at home The main problem for me is that the longer it went on the less I liked him He was intriguing as a youngster but infuriatingly naive but if I didn t like the naive Killian I positively hated the brash and cocky Killian and by the time we got t
I was really fascinated by the main character from the start He s not a typical hero with physical greatness or generous kindness He couldn t even relate to a human He dealt with a lot of mental issues he had a noble purpose but the way he a
This was a weird but magical bookYou follow Killian who wants to become a world famous chef It deals with abuse, mental illness, selfharm and suicide This all does make a real impact because of the lyrical and fairytale like writing styleYou see the main character changing from innocent boy to a mature and driven manand in this story it looks at what y
TW view spoiler child abuse, self harm, suicide, rape hide spoiler What an interesting story of an antihero whose hubris and narcissism lead a wild cautionary tale Set in the world of 1980s London fine dining, The Hunger is disturbing, engaging, and sensual There is a blunt physicality in the prose and in the story, set well within the body and all of its senses and functions I love this book for its ambition, but I hate it for its ridiculous portrayal of i

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