The Hysteria Sanctuary (Dr. Fords Womens Clinic Book 1)

The Hysteria Sanctuary (Dr. Fords Womens Clinic Book 1) Well, If You Must, Dr Ford Please Proceed But I Need To Inform You That I Have Never Had Any Insertions In That Entrance Emily Cornwell Has Been Suffering From The Most Dreadful Dreams, Always Involving Several Strange Men Leading Her To A Dark Tent She Cannot Remember What Happens Later In Her Dreams, But She Always Wakes Up Feeling Disheveled, And The Desires That Course Through Her Body Are So Unthinkable That The Young Woman Is Feeling Most Distressed Her Husband, A Wealthy Businessman, Insists That She Visit The Infamous Dr Ford At His Hysteria Sanctuary, A Private Clinic That Specialized In Women S Most Delicate Symptoms.When The Doctor Explains To Emily What His Special Treatment Entails, She Feels Embarrassed And Humiliated, But It Seems She Has No Choice With The Help Of His Nurse, Gertrude, Dr Ford Brings Emily To New Heights, Delivering What He Calls A Paroxysm And Once His Special Massage Is Done, He Seals It With A Powerful Dose Of No So Gentle Additional Therapy Involving Her Back Door He Insists That It Would Result In The Most Long Lasting Results, And Emily Decides To Accept The Good Doctor S Unusual Care. Oh yes This was so much fun I was laughing all the way doesn t mean it s not sexy If this is your kink, it s super hot The language is spot on and for a short story, there s just enough characterisation Very well written I was slowly giving up on looking for erotica shorts I am revived and i
Quite good short story, first of a series, though each is a short stand alone The writer, Kinsey Grey, has a fair knowledge of Victorian social history However, when the doctor suggests helping her via the back door I fear the suggestion of what was an illegal practice then would not have been received so complacently Had been built into the humiliation and reluctance as such it would have been better.99p 99c for approx 25 pages If you like historical med kink you may think