The Island

The Island Henry Palmer Rolls His Oxygen Tank Into A Gas Station And Buys A Pack Of Cigarettes He S Haunted By Lost Loved, Cancer Eating Away At His Body, And A Secret That He Can T Find The Strength To Tell Anyone He Opens His Mouth To Tell The Clerk What S Haunting Him, But The Effort Only Results In Tears In His Eyes He Pays And Leaves.Years Before, Henry S Eyes Shot Open While Sleeping Aboard An International Flight The Pilot Was Screaming Through The Speakers An Old Woman Was Muttering Prayers Beside Him He Fumbles With His Seatbelt, But Can Never Put It On.Six Months Later A Cargo Ship Finds Him Floating Above A Raft In The Middle Of The Ocean He Can T Find The Strength To Tell Anyone What Happened To Him In That Span Of Time.The Island Is Concerned With Henry S Secret.