The Kill Club

The Kill ClubJazz Will Stop At Nothing To Save Her Brother Their Foster Mother, Carol, Has Always Been Fanatical, But With Jazz Grown Up And Out Of The House, Carol Takes A Dangerous Turn That Threatens Thirteen Year Old Joaquin S Life Over And Over, Child Services Fails To Intervene, And Joaquin Is Running Out Of TimeThen Jazz Gets A Blocked Call From Someone Offering A Solution There Are Others Like Her People The Law Has Failed They Ve Formed An Underground Network Of Helpers, Each Agreeing To Eliminate The Abuser Of Another They Re Taking Back Their Power And Leaving A Trail Of Bodies Throughout Los Angeles Dubbed The Blackbird Killings If Jazz Joins Them, They Ll Take Care Of Carol For GoodAll She Has To Do Is Kill A Stranger If the movie The Box had an elicit affair with Hitchcock s Strangers on a Train, The Kill Club would be the murderous revenge filled wife.The first half of this book had me held in rapt attention, flipping pages with abandon With The Kill Club, Wendy Heard has offered up a gripping and thought provoking plotline with a badass main character Would you be willing to kill a toxic person from a stranger s life in exchange for an equally bad person being eliminated from yours A bit of quid pro quo, execution style First rule of murder club, don t talk about murder club Sign me tf up Hell yeah, can I get a two for one discount The second half of the book quickly becomes frenzied and rash I didn t find it nearly as riveting as the first half It was wordy at times causing me to do a bit of skimming Although I hadn t guessed the unmasking at the end, I still didn t find it to be a gasp worthy revelation.All in all this is a terrific thriller with a fresh plot I look forward to what comes next from this author.3.5 Stars rounded down I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Feeling lucky to get the ARC Wendy Heard is amaaaazing. Wendy Heard has a real knack for creating characters who are as unique as they are compelling, with real life flaws and big, strong voices Jazz in The Kill Club has a gritty, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo vibe, and she drives the action in this full throttle thriller all the way to the deliciously dark end I can t wait to see what Heard comes up with next. An unputdownable thriller that s also an incisive look at the failings of the foster care child protectives services systems and a love letter to East LA I cannot overstate how much I enjoyed this book I literally got a sunburn because I could not stop reading it Move indoors That would slow me down, better to keep going SO DAMN GOOD Can t wait for from Wendy Heard Well that was a wild ride I could not flip the pages quick enough while reading this crazy suspense thriller Wendy Heard created an action packed, intense, and chilling story with a very likable main character Jazz This was an interesting read, with a clever and thought provoking plot, and I would have probably given it a 5 star rating however, I was left a little unsatisfied with the ending I am not sure if I missed something when reading the second part of the book maybe I was flipping those pages too fast but I did not fully understood the motive of the main villain, the mastermind creator of the murder club Overall, this book is an excellent read for all the adrenaline craving readers, and I will definitely read other books by this author.Thank you NetGalley, Harelquin Mira Books, and the author for providing me with an ARC copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion. You know I think I ll pass on this club I flew through reading this intense thriller focused on finding out what was ultimately going to happen to Jazz and her friend Sophia and their brother and daughter, respectively The main character Jazz, is a very layered character she seemed much alive to me then anyone of the others Unfortunately, behind all the action I mean this book is action packed , I did not feel the resolution of the plot was justified The premise of the story is fantastic Who would not want your mortal enemy, a scum bag, your abuser, the serial rapist, vaporized by some anonymous person The problem is once you agree to belong to the murder club you are expected to do your part and kill someone s nemesis and if you fail woe to you The villain twist is not explored as much as it could have been I don t quite understand the villain s motivation and that caused me to drop my rating I still would recommend but for me, this book was not as good as Wendy Heard s first one Thank you to Net Galley and publisher for a chance to read and review. How far will you go for agency, love, or freedom In this Strangers on a Train world, the women of LA have an answer to the testosterone fueled black market justice of Fight Club, and no one not even the killers of Kill Club are safe Explosive, compelling, and one hell of a good time, do not miss Wendy Heard s propulsive dive into revenge noir Blurb provided on advance copy You re gonna want to get comfortable when you read this book, because once you start, you will not be able to stop THE KILL CLUB, Wendy Heard s sopho thriller, is a breathless, chilling adventure through an LA terrorized by a series of murders the police have dubbed the Blackbird Killings Jazz would do anything to protect her much younger brother Joaquin, so when she receives an anonymous call from someone offering a permanent solution to her problem with her abusive foster mother, Jazz can t pretend she s not interested The problem is in order for her foster mother to be taken care of, Jazz herself must murder a stranger What follows is a pitch dark, terrifying story that explores what we re capable of when our backs are against the wall A lot of books are slapped with the label thriller, but I ve honestly never read a novel that deserves the classification With intricate and masterful plotting, surprises around every corner, and an ending that chilled me to the bone, Wendy Heard has delivered a brilliant, original story with thrills for days Beyond all the ways this book will give me nightmares, though, I was so absorbed by the poignant relationship between Jazz and Joaquin The love between them is realistic and palpable, and it makes us root for Jazz even harder as she sacrifices nearly everything for her brother s safety Jazz is a vividly portrayed and exciting heroine her wit and snark continually made me chuckle, even when another gasp was only a page away Thank you so much to Mira Books and Harlequin for an opportunity to read this book early I ll surely be shouting my love for it from the rooftops until its pub date on December 17 and beyond. Imagine if you will being able to go underground and hire a group of so called, Helpers to take care of your abusers I mean sign me up STAT Who wouldn t but then again Carol most likely never expected she d become target 1 as a foster parent to Jazz.However Joaquin is in danger and child protective services seemingly ignores the pleas for help.So Jazz has her back up against the wall in ways than one as this twisty read is about to get interesting.These BlackBird Killings are about to take on a whole new challenge in a whole new way and that old familial touch may just get a new style of flavor.This is than just about killing as insulin injections are needed to stay alive with an issue with diabetes for one of our beloved characters So time is naturally of the essence here It feels like the ticking time bomb throughout the story which adds that captivating sense of wonderment to the plot Abuse is also discussed with one of the characters and you ll never guess till it s exposed as many have looked away like animals as it continued all these years.Who will step up to the plate and do the right thing and who will walk or run away That s the ultimate form of betrayal.I mean really all Jazz has to do to get in is to kill at stranger so how hard can that be..My word this one is crazy good

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