The Late Child And Other Animals

The Late Child And Other Animals Hetty Survives The Bombing Of Portsmouth By The Nazis In World War II, Only To Learn That Her Soldier Husband Has Been Killed On The Way Back Home From North Africa She Must Then Complete The Adoption Of Her Young Daughter June Alone A Decade Later, She Gives Birth To A Bastard Daughter, Marguerite Now Hetty Must Go Before A Tribunal To Prove That She Will Be A Fit Mother What Follows Is The Story Of Little Marguerite S Childhood In The Recovering British Naval Port And The Rural Beauty Of The Isle Of Wight And In Normandy, France The Journeys And Struggles Over Decades Of This Mother And Daughter Are Linked In Five Episodes That Veer Between Lyricism, Wry Wit, And Harrowing Suspense The Late Child And Other Animals Is An Original Graphic Novel, A Generational Autobiography Written By Legendary Punk Diva And Award Winning Poet Marguerite Van Cook, Adapted By Artist James Romberger, The Creator Of The Eisner Nominated Post York The Team Of Romberger And Van Cook Is Also Responsible For The Adaptation And Art Of 7 Miles A Second, Their Critically Acclaimed Graphic Memoir Collaboration With The Late Multimedia Artist And AIDS Activist, David Wojnarowicz.2015 Ignatz Award Nominee Outstanding Story Nature Lessons The author s attempts at profundity on every page were so tired and ridiculous The writing is really clunky not often that I criticize the writing in graphic novels The vignettes are all really boring Just an all around no for me. I read this because I had read the edgy and experimental Seven Miles a Second with partner James Romberger and David Wojnarowicz This was written by Van Cook, drawn by Romberger, and colored by Van Cook, a series of loose memoir short stories Van Cook was born in England, lives in Brooklyn, was in a punk band, won a poetry prize, makes films and so on So given that funky experimental background I hadn t expected a multigenerational memoir series stretching back to to WWII, ranging from joyful growing up moments to dark and foreboding danger at the edges of that
About how growing up is terrifying and wonderful and spooky and animal and wild beautifully, darkly richly illustrated good times and bad WWII bombings and post ballet sexual assaults alongside country idylls and enormous and sensually overwhelming French feasts apparently Van Cook is a super punk So this is an interesti
This is a beautiful graphic novel, but requires some patience when following the main character My favorites were the first and last stories. Heart wrenching stories and beautifully illustrated A testament to the strength, adaptability, resilience, and wit of two women, a daughter and her mother My only critique is that the stories felt, at times, as if I were eaves
I found the large scale of the type and the images to be refreshing The large, beautiful art and text creates snapshots of the life being described which serves the storytelling quite well The author s choice of stories to share painted an interesting portrait of a life The graphic novel proves itself to be the perfect medium for telling the story of her mother s experience during war, and then the challenges she faced as a widow The imagery is so nimble in evoking a feeling for the time and place And the pictures say so much about her mother s inner states during a stressful situation way effective than what could be described by words alone As the daughter of older parents, left to her own devices, a day s adventure in the course of a summer in the country captures the independent spirit of the author as a little girl I loved how simply the coloring and storytelling is able to convey a young girl s realization that she is not the center of the universe, that nature is
Beautiful beautiful beautiful. Beautiful illustration, especially the second story The men shifting from crows and back was amazing There is an odd division to me in the transition between stories 2 3 when the point of view shifts I preferred the mother s point of view, but I understand why
Beautiful artwork, but WAY verbose and scattered You can feel the author s ego and pretentiousness throughout This book is a victim of show, don t tell. The Late Child and Other Animals could easily defy category a memoir of sorts for those familiar with it s author, an accessible and partially coming of age story for the bastard children that can relate, an inspirational and sometimes harrowing tale of societal structures and expectations as well as archaic cultural rituals from an earlier time All of this is executed with somber and vibrant brilliance, as illustrated by James Romberger, one of the unsung comic art storytellers his work has rarely been so fluid, his storytelling as precise and dramatic as ever Truly, the colors by Van Cook add the third voice to this book, flooding Romberger s art in a new coat and bringing the hues and shades all the closer to us on every page Really, I cannot recommend this enough buy it for your daughter, buy it for your son Buy it for every third culture kid or late child in your life You won t be sorry that you did.I ve read it three times now and it s been a fulfilling, emotional

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  • The Late Child And Other Animals
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  • 16 March 2019
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