The Liberty of Norton Folgate

The Liberty of Norton Folgate London S Rich Past As A Melting Pot Of Cultures Is One Of The Themes Of Madness S 2009 Album The Liberty Of Norton Folgate, Which Has Inspired Mark Davies Markham S New Play Gazi And Sitara Have Been Serving Full English Breakfasts At The Union Caf On London S Norton Folgate For Thirty Years But Now The Council Have Served A Demolition Order, And It Looks As If Their Son Aki S Girlfriend S Father, Ralph Burke, Is Behind The Plan To Develop The Site No One Is Going To Let The Union Go Without A Fight, And Soon Gazi And Sitara Find That They Have The Support Of Pop Royalty In The Form Of Suggs, Chas Smith And Mike Barson From Madness. From BBC Radio 4 Saturday Drama London s rich past as a melting pot of cultures is one of the themes of Madness s 2009 album The Liberty of Norton Folgate, which has inspired Mark Davies Markham s play Gazi and Sitara have been serving full English breakfasts at the Union Caf on London s Norton Folgate for thirty years But now the council have served a demolition order, and it looks as if their son Aki s girlfriend s father, Ralph Burke, is behind the plan to develop the site No one is going to let the Union go without a fight, and soon Gazi and Sitara find that they have the support of pop royalty in the form of Suggs, Chas Smith and Mi