The Myth Hunter

The Myth HunterUncover The Secret History Of Humanity Elisa Hill Is A Myth Hunter, An Adventurer Who Seeks Out The Truth Behind The Legends Of The Past, And It S A Job She Was Born Into Her Parents Were Myth Hunters As Well And The One Legend They Could Never Prove Was The Myth Of The Lost Continent Of Lemuria Now Elisa Has The Opportunity To Finish The Work Her Parents Began But The Secrets Of This Lost Civilization Hold Great Value For A Sinister Secret Society And A Ruthless Assassin, And Both Will Stop At Nothing Not Even Murder To Gain Their Prize Elisa Must Rely On Friends And Unlikely Allies In Order To Make It To The Lost Continent Because If She Fails, Those Same Secrets Could Spell Doom For Mankind Note, July 6, 2014 I edited this just now to correct a minor typo.Being a little known author myself, I have a lively appreciation of how difficult it is to get one s work noticed in a glutted book market without a major advertising budget and I have a soft spot for New Pulp So, when I stumbled on Goodreads author Percival Constantine s free e book versions of a couple of his action adventure novels, I thought there was a good enough chance I d like them to risk investing a bit of time, and hopefully be able to give him a good review I always do this with the intention that if I like the book, I ll buy the print copy which, in this case, I ll be doing While this novel is nowhere near four or five star territory, it kept my interest and earned its three.As the Goodreads description indicates, our protagonist here is a female archaeologist Constantine s idea of archaeology, though, is definitely of the Indiana Jones variety, and Elisa Hill proved to be an action heroine type, very much a literary equivalent of Lady Lara Croft or TV s Sydney Fox in that respect Given that I own both Tomb Raider movies on VHS and never missed an episode of Relic Hunter if I could help it, it s not hard to guess that I found her an appealing c
Well, what can I say, I didn t quite finish this one, but I did get up to the middle of chapter 17 The story and the narration were okay, but it just didn t quite hold my attention long enough for me to finish it Maybe one day I ll come back
Pulp Warning All of my e reading skews towards the pulpy side of the prose spectrum As such, my reviews are pulp skewed Reader beware Pulp Warning Overall 4 stars.The Myth Hunter is the pilot episode for what could be a very strong pulp series It s a cinematic piece of modern tomb raiding e pulp that moves along at a cracking pace It is unapolegetically pulp But it would hope to cut back on the exposition, add some unique elements and give the characters depth if the rest of the series is to really capture an audience But at 1 on Kobo and the potential for a really fun series in the works I think it s well worth checking out to see for yourself.Pacing and Action 4 stars 3 stars if you have no intention of reading further stories in the series This story moves at a truly cracking pace With its frantic jetsetting, exotic weapon laced fights and several different sets of bad guys all crammed into a rather modest page count the action never stops And it has a real cinematic feel to it that is crisp and clear with larger than life action never being marred by unnecessary detail.Until we re set to learn something new about each character Chalk it up to first story cobwebs or s
I got this book for free on Normally the free reads are not all that great So this book was a pleasant surprise Even better, a female protagonist rivaling Indiana Jones I had fun reading this book It steps into paranormal territory, but is still immensely readable Great start to a new series. The Lost Continent The Myth Hunter takes off like a rocket propelled grenade While combing the Caribbean wilds for an ancient tablet, myth hunter Elisa Hill is attacked by mercenaries She survives, only to then have the valuable tablet stolen by a cocky competitor named Lucas Davalos And for the balance of the book, Elisa will chase Davalos and others around the world in order to recover the tablet which holds the powerful secrets of the Lost Tribe of Naa cal.With plenty of pulse pounding thrills and moments of vivid violence, author Percival Constantine s The Lost Continent The Myth Hunter is admittedly kin to other modern treasure seeking adventures like Lara Croft But, the racially diverse cast of characters, realistic locales, and presence of brawny bodyguard and assassin types than of monsters gives it an Indiana Jones meets James Bond blend of added excitement.But what really makes the story standout from its peers is how complex the cast of characters are, especially Elisa Hill and Lucas Davalos As myth hunters which are essentially elite, military trained archaeologists both, at a moment s notice, will cross the globe and each other in search of priceless artifacts and
Indiana Jones, Lara Croft, Gabriel Hunt, Sydney Fox, Annja Creed please welcome Elisa Hill to the ranks of adventuring archaeologists Percival Constantine has created a unique character Elisa Hill is a second generation Myth Hunter, who started hunting for money but had a change of heart and now hunts to add to human knowledge This background gives her access and connections to those on both sides of the myth hunting community.In this adventure, Elisa along with her mentor Max Finch is searching for Lemuria Along the way Elisa clashes with a former rival Seth and her former partner Lucas Davalos who still works for their old employer The Order Constantine only hints at the nature of the Order, which one hopes he will continue to reveal in future adventures.Another feature I like about this novel is the
I was looking hoping for an Indiana Jones style adventure and The Lost Continent delivered big time The writing style of the author is effective, easy to read with a real flow The characters are fun, interesting an
OH, NO HE DIDN T I was all prepared to fight by Asami s side as she faced a enemy far stronger than her Asami is a fox shifter changeling on vacation in Japan Then she heard a man implying that he saw a white as snow skinned woman gliding on the ski trail wearing only a Jap
Much as with his Infernum books, this is not a series to take too seriously It s firmly in the pulp vein with improbably weapons, ancient death traps, and one note antagonists The protagonist and her antagonists are all simple characters thrown into the mix and the adventure travels down a straight line to the predictable conclusion Everyone wields exotic weapons, but their unique properties seldom make a difference To give an example, at one point a scimitar is drawn and the description given is stabbing rather than the chopping that scimitars are literally built for It s nice to see a nod to kukris and khopeshes, but it feels like it s just a namecheck that would have works the same if the characters had been carrying knives and swords.The editing was pretty decent on this I don t remember running into any spelling errors, and there was only one case I remember where I had to rer
The Lost Continent Book One of The Myth Hunter Series by Percival ConstantineElisa Hill is a myth hunter, an adventurer who seeks out the truth behind the legends of the past, artifacts and places that contain some otherworldly power Her parents were also Myth Hunters, and it was their dream to find the lost continent of Lemuria sometimes shortened to simply Mu On a location in the Caribbean, Elisha discovers a stone tablet that is The Lost Keystone of the Naa cal a powerful race that once inhabited Lemuria With the Keystone and the location of the Gate, one would be able to raise Lemuria and tap into the ancient knowledge there.But much like Indiana Jones, Elisa has taken all the risks and another claims the artifact she retrieved at great risk Now she must race to stop an ex partner from getting the information about the gate.The ex partner is working for The Order, overseen by a mysterious man in Bermuda shorts and a Hawaiian shirt who goes by the name Wade The Order wants the knowledge from Lemuria to pursue its own agenda.The trail leads through ancient tablets through danger filled fortresses through tropical forests, and to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean Along the way Elisa meets companions Professor Maxwell Finch, a former Myth Hunter and father figure Asami, a Japanese woman who is far than she seems P

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  • The Myth Hunter
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  • 13 April 2018
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