The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, July 1958 (The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, #86)

The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, July 1958 (The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, #86) Brother Charlie Novelette By Gordon R DicksonThe Reign Of Tarquin The Tall Shortstory By Kit ReedGil Braltar Shortstory By Jules Verne Trans Of Gil Braltar 1887 The Day Of The Green Velvet Cloak Shortstory By Mildred ClingermanThe Katy Dialogues Shortstory By Ron GoulartThe Up To Date Sorcerer Shortstory By Isaac AsimovThe Science Stage July 1958 Essay By William MorrisonThe Eighth Lamp Shortstory By Roy VickersThe Vandals Shortstory By Stephen BarrThe Blue Eyed Horse Shortstory By Michael FessierTheory Of Rocketry Shortstory By C M KornbluthRecommended Reading C M Kornbluth, A Memorial Bibliography Essay By Anthony Boucher 5 Brother Charlie 29 pages by Gordon R Dickson Good The planet the Tomah call Mant and the Lugh call Vanyinni is in a strategic location for further human exploration and is the only habitable planet in the system The humans need to have a base technology on the planet high enough to accommodate their need The problem is the Tomah and the Lugh are enemies The land based Tomah don t have enough resources to expand and are fought back when trying to get those resources from the oceans The Lugh are aquatic and are content enough to keep the Tomah down Chuck is bringing an ambassador of each species to the southern continent for a meeting Once I knew the two enemies had to some how get along I kind of figured a situation would arise that would cause the two to have to work together Good twist at the end, one I did not see coming.34 The Reign of Tarquin the Tall 14 pages by Kit Reed Good Tark inherits a house Bill, Lukey and a some kids come to live with him Maybe not the best guardians, but good enough to keep Mr Buttery f
The Mildred Clingerman and Isaac Asimov stories push this issue up to 5 stars.Gordon R Dickson Brother Charlie 4 stars Maybe like 3 1 2 stars A man is transporting two representatives of opposing alien intelligences on another planet and has an arranged accident which prompts the two enemies to try to come to an accomodation.Kit Reed The Reign of Tarquin the Tall 3 stars A man lords it over the people living in his house and makes them treat him as their king.Jules Verne Gil Braltar 4 stars A surprising Jules Verne story about a tribe of monkeys attempting to drive the English out of Gibraltar.Mildred Clingerman The Day of the Green Velvet Cloak 5 stars An absolutely wonderful story about a shy young woman, a time traveler and a green velvet cloak.Ron Goulart The Katy Dialogues 4 stars A man is stranded in the wilderness after a crash His only companion is an advertising robot with canned responses.Isaac Asimov The Up to Date Sorcerer 5 stars Chemically induced love which can be eliminated by Roy Vickers The Eighth Lamp 4 stars A low key horror story involving murder and the underground trains.Stephen Barr The Vandals 3 stars A very shaky story about preventing aliens from poisoning our food.Michael Fessier The Blue Eyed Horse 4 stars A neat story involving a compulsive gambler and his wife s wish that he just turn into a horse himself C M Kornbluth T