The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, November 1958 (The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, #90)

The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, November 1958 (The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, #90) A Different Purpose Shortfiction By Kem BennettAir Space Violated Poem By P M HubbardBewitched Shortstory By Michael FessierThrough Time And Space With Ferdinand Feghoot Shortstory By Reginald Bretnor As By Grendel Briarton Dust Of Ages Essay By Isaac AsimovCritical Angle Shortstory By A Bertram ChandlerOr The Grasses Grow Shortstory By Avram DavidsonWildcat Novelette By Poul AndersonRecommended Reading November 1958 Essay By Anthony BoucherBeans Shortstory By Jack WilliamsonMr Milton S Gift Shortstory By Robert Arthur Variant Of The Man With The Golden Hand Pelt Shortstory By Carol EmshwillerFor The Voyagers Poem By Starr NelsonFor Analysis Shortstory By P Schuyler MillerNine Yards Of Other Cloth Shortstory By Manly Wade Wellman A couple of 5 star stories and Isaac Asimov s first science article for FSF combine to make this a 5 star issue.Kem Bennett A Different Purpose 4 stars A story about the first manned orbital space flight a few years before it happened Very well done.Michael Fessier Bewitched 5 stars A somewhat tongue in cheek story about a witch giving some cat properties to a girl to allow her to attract the man that she wants There are a lot of good lines in the story.Isaac Asimov Science Dust of Ages 4 stars Isaac Asimov s first science article for FSF, the start of a string almost 35 years long.A Bertram Chandler Critical Angle 4 stars Remember the fears before the first moon landing that there would be a very deep layer of dust on the moon Isaac Asimov s science article explained how that could be true Chandler s story told what might happen during a landing if it were true.Avram Davidson Or the Grasses Grow 3 stars The federal government and greedy neighbors close down an Indian reservation, with unexpected results.Poul Anderson Wildcat 4 stars A time travel story, sending people back 100 million years to pump oil Jack Williamson Beans 2 stars A one page story to tell a bad pun.Robert Arthur Mr Milton s Gift 4 stars If you could buy the gift of rhyme or the gift of making money, you might not