The Mother of all Treasure Tables

The Mother of all Treasure Tables Put The Oohs And Aahs Back Into Your Adventures This Hardcover Tome Provides A Random Selection Of Incredibly Detailed Descriptions For Hundreds Upon Hundreds Of Treasure Troves Use The Items Within Each Hoard Individually, Or Mix Them Into An Astronomical Number Of Combinations Carefully Thought Out And Detailed Than Any Before This Book Will Augment Your Imagination, And Drive Your Players Enthusiasm For , While Creative Flair And Painstaking Research Together Provide You With Details That Are As Complete As You Can Get That S Right This Is The Mother Of All Treasure Tables A very solid splatbook Sort of sad it doesn t include magical treasure, but I understand why stuff like the Magic Item Compendium subsequent splatbooks makes it hard to catch everything One thing I really like about this one is that the entries are, themselves, like little story prompts Sometimes, I ve rolled up some random treasure, and ended up building an entire an