The Mysterious Fireplace (The Dana Girls Mystery Stories, #10)

The Mysterious Fireplace (The Dana Girls Mystery Stories, #10) Jean And Louise Are Excited To Be Spending Christmas Vacation At Highfort, A Property That Captain Dana S Friend Tom Fairweather Is In The Processing Of Purchasing The Danas Trip Turns Out Much Exciting Than Anticipated, Because Several Other People Show Up At Highfort Claiming Ownership To The Property Including Arrogant Mrs Plimpton And The Danas School Friend Sonya Olavu And Her Brother Tranley Mr Fairweather Disappears Before His Arrival At Highfort, Further Complicating The Situation The Danas Feel Loyal To Mr Fairweather, But He Cannot Defend His Claim To The Property.The Situation Becomes Grim With The Disappearance Of Sonya S Jeweled Star And A Mysterious Nighttime Visitor Who Wrecks The Christmas Tree The Danas Must Solve The Mystery But Are At A Loss To Know How To Begin. There s a reason why this series is out of print It doesn t stand the test of time.Seriously, stick with Nancy Drew. 1941 The Dana girls live in Oak Falls and attend school at the Starhurst Academy This mystery involves a new girl at the school who has basically fled her home country The thugs there are after her and her brother and the jewels that belong to them.There s a major slimy character, stolen jewelry, fake jewelry, intruders in their house, a possible hidden fireplace and a very, very annoying woman who thinks the house belongs to her Jean spends a short time in the hospital and Lettie is up
I came across this book in an antique bookstore, noticed that it was by the same ghost author as Nancy Drew, and eagerly bought it Although considered children s literature, I fell in love with it The font The pages The language It all reminded me so much of reading Nancy D
classic Dana Girls way too many mysteries all tie in together Lettie Briggs breaks laws and goes to far but nothing comes of it entertaining. I loved this series of books that I read back in junior high They are from the same syndicate that wrote the Nancy Drew books and the Hardy Boys, but I much preferred the Dana Girls. Dana Girls are quite rare but they are on par with the Nancy Drew series You just have to work a bit in order to read them. I have loved this series since I was a child They re products of their times, but I think they re better written than Nancy Drew Part of me wishes they d bring them back into print so that other young girls can enjoy them, the other part knows that collecting them wouldn t be as much fun if they did