THE NEW WORLD When Aliens Land In 2019 They Tell Us We Have Destroyed Our Civilisation The Truth They Unveil Is Worse Than We Ever Thought The Ecosystem Is Finished And The Planet Will Soon Be Uninhabitable They Invite Us To Come And Live With Them, On Their World They Say They Are Acting From Love And Arrange A Global Lottery To Select 100,000 Humans To Stay With Them So That We Don T Have To Take Their Promises On Faith With The Earth In Chaos, No One Knows What To Think Is The Offer Real Should People Go, Or Stay On Earth To The Bitter End What Would The Aliens Gain From This Deal In This Fascinating Novel About The End Of One World And The Beginning Of A New One, Dylan And His Family Are Caught In The Centre Of World Changing Events But Even They Must Decide What To Believe, Whom To Trust, Whether The Aliens Are Telling The Truth And Whether To Stay On Planet Earth, Or Leave It Forever.