The Odd Spot of Bother

The Odd Spot of BotherSpots Of Bother Are Windy S Specialty This Seemed Natural Enough So Long As He Ambled On In His Stumble Bum Way, Losing One Job After Another, Falling In Love, Collecting Thick Ears And Malignant Goats, And Wondering Innocently Why These Things Happen To Him.When He Won 120,000 In A National Lottery You D Have Thought He D Have Found Life Easier He Didn T It Got A Lot Perplexing.For One Thing, He Couldn T Even Understand Bludgers, Bank Managers, His Land Lady, Gents Outfitters, Land Agents, Grog And Life In General Or The Travellers Cheques System Or Women All This Money Seemed To Just Make Things Difficult The Solution To His Troubles Was As Unexpected As It Was Total Overnight, He Found The Answer To The Whole Tiresome Business Hard to say what I think about this Barry Crump is part of NZ s literary scene but in a very rural way I really thought I ought to read one and of course it is very dated However the whole premise of what happens to someone when they win a lot of money