The Outlaw (Rocky Mountain, #1)

The Outlaw (Rocky Mountain, #1) Forsaking Their Feuding Families Because Of Their Love For One Another, Colorado Ranchers Jake McCord And Caitlin Kingsley Are Forced Apart When Her Brother S Murder Makes Caitlin Despise The Man She Had Once Loved.Lovers In The Midst Of A Lawless Colorado Range War, Jake McCord And Caitlin Kingsly Boldly Forsake Their Feuding Families For A Blazing, Forbidden Passion Then Caitlin S Brother Is Killed By Her Beloved And The Beautiful Hellion Learns To Hate The Renegade She Once Burned For, Body And Soul.Years Of Running From Lies And The Law Have Hardened Jake McCord And Forced Him To Live By His Gun Now He S Come Home To Clear His Name And To Reclaim The Sensuous Wildcat Who S Like A Fever In His Blood Haunted By The Cruel Hurt Of Shattered Dreams, Caitlin Struggles Desperately Against Jake S Fierce Possessiveness And Fiery Touch Yet A Tender Torment Binds Them Still And The Dangerous Outlaw Will Not Rest Until He Wins Her Trust And Her Heart And Makes Her Burn With Love For Him Once. This book would have 4 stars if not for the heroine She was so, if I may borrow from Mia, yes no yes no, in her relationship with Jake I understand a book should have some conflict but the constant back and forth on her feelings for Jake drove me crazy The fact that Catilin for some reason seemed to think Jake would be a danger to Ryan really upset me She just wasn t my favorite heroine I liked Jake just for the sheer fact he never gave up on Caitlin although, IMO, he should have.Truly, I T
This heroine, I have no words maybe it is my state of mind as well I really cannot tolerate an angry heroine such heroines make me feel so..angry I don t respond well to female rage it makes me want to run away. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here One of the best books I ve read so far Although there were times I felt like killing Caitlin for being so hesitant when it s very obvious that Jake wou
I like Nicole Jordan, don t get me wrong, but this book was frustrating Our heroine Caitlin is anything but a heroine she is whiny and self centered and my hats off to Jake to trying so hard I would have left her in her self righteous misery a long time ago. Excellent.Loved it This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here I was curious to read one of Nicole Jordan s western romances as her Historicals are top notch This book arrived in the mail yesterday and i devoured this book in one day I liked the beginning very very much, the tension, the chemistry and the connection between Jake and Caitlin overshadowed by the feud between their two ranching families, gave the story a great kick start The only issue I had with it was that the heroine came across as very whiny and at times very childish in her ways hence I was curious to read o
WOW Love Nicole Jordan She is always an auto buy for me and this is one of my favorites Just read it qgaiNicole is always an auto buy This is one of my of my favorites just re read it for the third time Nicole , I d you see this please please please write Wolf s story I know everyone is down on the heroine of this book, but I m not feeling it It had to be hard to be as young as she was, with no support from family and pregnant with her lover s child In that day and age she was lucky to be able to go to her aunt and fake a marriage to protect herself Can you imagine finding out your lover and child s father is a killer and a target for every bounty hunte
Very well written and steamy romance Interesting and involved story of a feud between cattle ranchers and sheep ranchers with the h h caught in the middle Lots of cowboys and gun slinging Caitlin kept changing her mind about the hero which I gather some readers didn t like, but if she ha
I didn t enjoy this as much as I did from all the other works she wrote I honestly felt Caitlin was a bit selfish and so indecisive I nearly wanted to pull out my hair I liked Jake s character though.atleast he was consistent and the hell he has been through built on his character.

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