The Skater and the Saint

The Skater and the Saint After A Season Of Hockey Fame, Political Intrigue, And Romantic Complications, Sherm Reinhardt Is Finally Settling Down He S Happily Married, Loves His Kids, And Captains Borschland S Most Storied Ice Hockey Team When A Homeless Man Claiming To Be The Borschic Saint Of Light Willem Van Noos Appears, Asking Sherm To Protect Borschland S Most Sacred Flowering Branch, Sherm Is Than Skeptical But As Swiftly As The Branch Blooms After 300 Years Of Dormancy, Sherm S Trouble Sprout, Too His Sister Is Arrested For Treason, He Is Booted Off The Team, And A Shadow Saint Shows Up, This Time Offering Sherm And His Family Eternal Youth If They Drink A Tea Brewed From The Branch S Flowers Willem Assures Sherm That If He Follows The Shadow Saints, A Cataclysmic War Will Ensue But Who Can Pass Up The Chance For Immortality Sequels don t have to achieve perfection, kind of like Borschland s saints of shadow and light But they better well serve The Skater and the Saint keeps tradition alive and delivers the love, adventure, and high jinks given to us by the first of the Borschland Hockey Chronicles, Skater in a Strange Land.Frauenfelder succeeds again at interweaving three diverse and shimmering threads sainthood, politics, and hockey without it being the least bit awkward First Sherm s sister Cathy takes the stage to explain her newfound faith and life in Borschland, adding another shade of reality to the fantasy world Plainspoken Cathy, both deaconness in training and hockey player, brings a North American flavor just like her brother, Sherm, so we readers never really feel out of place in an imaginary land trapped in the idyllic aspects of an earlier century It s also a land that goes through phase shifts that further distance it from the rest of the globe Out of time, out of step, and on the verge of outdoing all other lands in terms of its peaceable existence, Borschland seems like the perfect escape for a woman like Cathy who hates the nonsense of U.S dating and gender relations and craves the tight community that her new homeland can provide My favorite characters remain Sherm and Rachael, whose scenes of domestic maintenance, the shine worn off of the earlier romance, show us the mirror all couples know where a missing stick o
The Skater and the Saint is the second novel in the Borschland series, by David Frauenfelder I read the first one back in September 2013 Skater in a Strange Land so was keen to see what the second had to offer My expectations were in fact surpassed and this time around I am very happy to credit The Skater and the Saint with five stars.The background is the same the country of Borschland is part of a continent in the southern hemisphere of our world This continent is sometimes in phase with us and so accessible and sometimes out of phase and so in splendid isolation The stories revolve around the occasional crossover characters who go from here to there and choose to remain For complex reasons, the whole continent is gripped with a passionate enthusiasm for ice skating in general and ice hockey in particular You don t need to have read the first novel to enjoy this book, since they form a loosely connected series rather than parts of a trilogy or some such.What was it that elevated the book to five stars fo