The Sleeping Partner (Sarah Tolerance, #3)

The Sleeping Partner (Sarah Tolerance, #3) At The Outset Of Robins S Entertaining Third Mystery Set In Regency London After 2004 S Petty Treason , An Upper Class Lady Using The Pseudonym Mrs Brown Calls On Sarah Tolerance, A Freelance Agent Of Inquiry Whom Society Deems A Fallen Woman Because She Eloped At 16 With Her Brother S Fencing Tutor Mrs Brown Wants Sarah S Help In Locating Her 16 Year Old Sister, Evadne, Who Has Eloped, Unwilling To Remain In Their Father S House Under His Harsh Rule Sarah, Struck By The Similarities Between Evadne S Situation And Her Own At The Same Age, Searches For The Missing Girl In London S Underworld, Where She Discovers Connections To Her Own Family And To A Wider War Profiteering Scandal Colorful Characters Like Sarah S Brothel Keeping Aunt Thea, Cameos By Such Real Life Personages As Mary Wollstonecraft, And The Slow Burning Romance Between The Quick Witted Sarah And Close Friend Sir Walter Mandiff All Add To The Fun. At the age of 16, the intelligent and spirited daughter of a country baronet, Sarah Brereton the girl who would become the Sarah Tolerance that series fans know and admire fell deeply in love with her brother s fencing instructor, and he with her For modern readers, it s important to recognize that in that day, teens were expected to mature and become responsible early 16 year old girls might well be married So this wasn t some sort of sick, pedophilic situation Sarah was a young woman with the passion and impetuousness of youth, but in her society she was a woman, not a child, and Charles Connell was a normal, decent male Because of the class difference and paternal opposition, though, this relationship didn t lead to a happy engagement and marriage, but to a hasty flight to the Continent, with Sarah disgraced, disowned by her family, and consigned to permanent Fallen Woman status Fallen men in her culture didn t suffer any similar opprobrium Like many people in that pre antibiotic era, Connell died young, leaving her in effect a widow without ever having technically been a wife Now,
I tried my best to portion myself out a chapter a night, but that good resolve only lasted three days, and here I am, nothing accomplished, having read non stop.It is such a delight to see Miss Tolerance back The deft world building, the subtlety of the alternate universe that delights one familiar with the period, but ought to pass right by someone who just likes the feel of the time The mystery is as absorbing as the darker side of t
Another wonderful Sarah Tollerance book Sarah is the same wonderful character from the previous book Here we have a situation that involves her direct family who rejected her and a young woman who s in a similar situation.What I enjoy in these books is the way Sarah fronts other people s view of women who lost their virtue They re viewed as damaged goods and it irked me to no end that women were viewed as goods like a sack of potatoes and rejected.Here the situation is absolutely horrendous I don
Of the first two Sarah Tolerance novels I wrote on Miss Sarah Tolerance elopes with her brother s fencing instructor from Regency England to the continent, and when he dies returns home Cast off by her family, she determines to make her way in the world without falling into prostitution, the usual fallback of the Fallen Woman, and instead sets herself up as an Agent of Inquiry Setting, plot and especially character are all excellent in Point of Honor and Petty Treason by Madeleine E Robins Trust me, you will believe a woman can be a PI in England in 1810.The Sleeping Partner, the third in the series, may be the best yet Take the first paragraph No one who had seen Miss Sarah Brereton as a child would have taken her for a heroine She was a well behaved girl, affectionate and active, given to rolling hoops and running races with the gardener s children Her upbringing was neither intellectual or revolutionary, being designed to make her what she was destined to be the well bred wife of a gentleman of means That she had failed to achieve this goal was not the fault of her family but derived from some flaw in her character at sixteen, Miss Brereton had fallen in love with her brother s fencing master and eloped, ruining
It s been a long wait for this book, but I was not disappointed On the contrary, I think this might be the best in the series so far, and I certainly hope there will be now that Robins has a new publisher for them I love that the slightly alternate history allows Robins to make Miss Tolerance s career as an agent of inquiry believable, and her feel for the period and the language is exquisite This book gives us of Miss Tolerance s family ba
The Sleeping Partner is the third, and the best so far, in Robins Sarah Tolerance series You could also jump in with this book if you felt like it, as it s a fairly self contained story and past events are briefly recapped at the start.It s a deliciously detailed and enthralling story of a fallen woman who makes her living as a kind of private detective in a slightly alternate Reg
The Sleeping Partner is the third book in Madeleine Robins Sarah Tolerance mystery series set in an alternate Regency England in which Queen Charlotte rules as Regent currently I am a huge fan of this series because I love the way Robins has played so subtly with the Regency to bring attention to gender roles and sexual power in this historical period I also love the series because Sarah Tolerance is awesome She is in the perfect position to straddle all levels of society, from the cream of the Ton that comprise her clients all the way to the young boys that work menial jobs sweeping the streets.In this outing, Sarah Tolerance is hired by a lady whose sister Evadne has gone missing She s terrified for her sister s well being though she s also quite frank about the fact that, now that her sister has been missing for several days, her future even if found safe is pretty dire Sarah, being a Fallen Woman herself, immediately feels for the missing girl and sets out to find her, embroiling herself deep in a sordid family history that involves war profiteering, re encountering her own lost family and meeting both Mary Wollstonecraft and Mary Shelley along the way hey, it s an alternate history, so it s possible And all the while, she s struggling with figuring out her complicated feelings for her good friend Sir Walter Mandiff and trying to determine if her brothel keeper Aunt Thea is going in
I loved the first two mysteries set in an alternate Regency London starring Sarah Tolerance, swordswoman, detective, and fallen woman It s been a long wait for the third one, but it was worth it.At first, I fear I might be disappointed The story gets off to a slow start, and the sword fights I enjoyed in the first two books are almost absent here.However, The Sleeping Partner soon becomes unputdownable What has happened to young, innocent Evadne, who seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth Why does this case, which Miss Tolerance is investigating with delicacy and secrecy, bring so many attacks on her Who among Evadne s family will stand up to her father, who writes her off as a disgrace not welcome again in his house Especially fascinating is that as Miss Tolerance investigates her most challenging case yet, we see the many terrible effects of the time s misogyny on women s lives and how these effects ripple through families and society as a whole Several characters grow in response to Evadne s disappearance and her fate, and we see how even in times of hate and intolerance, there are good people willing to stand up for the downtrodden I won t spoil the surprise o
I love Miss Tolerance, and I love the alternative Regency London in which she lives and works This may be the best book yet in the series It s full of derring do, intelligent deductions, help and lack thereof from unexpected quarters, and excellent characterization and dialog in the service of a nicely twisty plot even though I called some of the aspects fairly early on, I did not predict the whole of the schemes laid bare.There s not much romance in these novels, so Regency fans who like romance may be disappointed They contain excellent mysteries, though, and a wry and skewed eye to regency culture one that broadens the scope of understanding beyond that of balls and coming out.While Miss Tolerance works to find the missing girl the task for which she s been hired various personal aspects of life pop up and need to be dealt with And that s all I can say without spoilers Now, generally Regency means a pretty li
The stakes in The Sleeping Partner are quite a bit higher and personal than in the previous two books, and the ending quite a bit grimmer It all ends as well as it can I very much enjoy Robins s sense of justice but it s not a particularly happy ending.I particularly enjoyed the treatment of Miss Tolerance s head injury Unlike so many detectives, when she gets knocked out, the effects are rather profound and lasting than if she just took a brief unexpected nap It s something of a pet peeve of mine, and making it an actual, lasting plot point was so much satisfying.I also enjoyed seeing Miss Tolerance s brother, who is not quite the ogre we would have expected from his mention in Point of Honour And the comparison between her family and her client s gives her a reason to, as they said on TWoP, Take I