The State

The State Debates About The Role And Nature Of The State Are At The Heart Of Modern Politics However, The State Itself Remains Notoriously Difficult To Define, And The Term Is Subject To A Range Of Different Interpretations In This Book, Distinguished State Theorist Bob Jessop Provides A Critical Introduction To The State As Both A Concept And A Reality He Lucidly Guides Readers Through All The Major Accounts Of The State, And Examines Competing Efforts To Relate The State To Other Features Of Social Organization Essential Themes In The Analysis Of The State Are Explored In Full, Including State Formation, Periodization, The Re Scaling Of The State And The State S Future Throughout, Jessop Clearly Defines Key Terms, From Hegemony And Coercion To Government And Governance He Also Analyses What We Mean When We Speak About Normal And Exceptional States, And States That Are Failed Or Rogue.Combining An Accessible Style With Expert Sensitivity To The Complexities Of The State, This Short Introduction Will Be Core Reading For Students And Scholars Of Politics And Sociology, As Well As Anyone Interested In The Changing Role Of The State In Contemporary Societies. zellikle 90 sonras a da devlet teorilerine ili kin ok g zel ve g ncel, fakat slubu biraz a r bir literat r taramas Kapitalist devlet zerine al ma yapanlar n okuyup kaynak as ndan faydalanmas i lerini ok kolayla t r r.Yazar n stratejik ili kiselcilik teorisi beni ikna etmedi Daha do rusu bunun Marksist Leninist devlet ve d zen bak ndan hangi noktalarda ayr ld n g remedim li kiler, ba lamlar,
If you want the most current view on the state and state theory, look no further This is an amazing book that summarises the various strands and current understanding of state theory into one, easy to read and understand volume The brea
This book is not for the faint hearted in terms of both its difficulty and its message, and it s all the rewarding for it Bob Jessop outlines and demonstrates the body of his work on the state, providing a complex, multi theoretical method for studying the state and defining the state and in its many forms and contexts, arguments demonstrating the method, in depth arguments on state theory, the state as it functions today, and methodological and substantive thoughts on the future of the state and the state system.Long term students of the state will likely find much to sink their teeth into, whether in terms of future research, new methods or approaches to the states study, or by way of disagreement with Jessop s argument and conclusions However, as relative newcomer to state theory I d like to give some thoughts on its value to new students of the state, and particularly to political philosophers and normative political theorists my own field.Despite its difficulty, a number of themes appear throughout the book which should be of interest to the three categories just mentioned To name just a few 1 the contingent and always apparent unity of the state 2 the contingent nature of the state form 3 state power as a contextualised, contingent, and multi faceted outcome of the prevailing balance of forces 4 the state as an ensem
Well, I am never going to look at the state in the same way again This was an excellent book, albeit a challenging read Bob Jessop is not the most accessible writer, I did struggle to get through, However, the rewards for sticking with it were absolutely worth it A fa

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