The Sunshine Years

The Sunshine Years Do You Ever Wonder Where Your Life Is Going Do You Worry That You Might Wake Up In The Morning And Suddenly Be Old You Are Not Alone.Story That S His Name Can Feel A Middle Youth Or Is That Middle Age Crisis Coming On He S Got A Great Job, A Great Flat, And Great Mates Mac, Who Is Obsessed With Biscuits JP, Who Never Says Anything If It S Nice Cannie, Whose Only Admirer Is The Bird That Lives Outside Her Window And Vincent, Who Has Finally Proposed To His Girlfriend After Nineteen Years But Alongside The Drinks And The Kicks, Story Is Beginning To Ask What Has Any Of Them Actually Done And Why Is Time Passing Like Sand In A Sieve Is It Possible To Turn Life Around Life Is Just Life, Right And Change Is A Gasping And Slippery Fish.Afsaneh Knight S Portrait Of Ageing Generation X Ers Is Funny, Compassionate And Unsparing We Re Under Her Microscope, And While You Might Squirm, She Ll Have You Laughing, Crying, And Caught. Well, what is the purpose of life Where is it going Why are we here In some cases this book was quite deep and dark, delving into places that I never wanted to visit, after saying that, it was well written.I received this book as a complimentary read
Do You Ever Wonder Where Your Life Is Going You are not alone.This book should not work In fact it should be incredibly boring.It is genre less and plot less and it is basically the literary equivalent of a fly in the wall documentary about a group of life long thirty something friends There is not really a story at all even though ironically the main character is a guy named Story.But it isn t boring and the pages turn easily for one very important reason The writing is incredible The prose is fresh, clever, crisp, witty and compelling The writing itself is worth eight out of ten stars by itself I m sure if Afsaneh Knight had given us a decent plot to cling on to this would have been a clear ten out of ten But I enjoyed it Even though I m sure a lot
If I still have to read contemporary, the ones in the Adult genre are sometimes kind of a gem I m not completely in love with this book or its characters, and they re all than 10 years older than me, but it was still better than the YA protagonists 5 years younger than me. I liked this I was regretting it almost before I began reading as I wasn t sure about another male POV written by a woman last attempt I read was horrible This was definitely not horrible it s told over the shoulder of an entire cast of characters, male and female It s not perfect there are weird things going on with tenses jumping back and forth for no apparent reason and the different voices aren t always distinct The characters are all flawed in some way like actual humans and even if they re not always likeable, they re interesting There s a sense of how others see them as well as how they see themselves It is a quiet novel, focussed o
This was a good read Very Sydney Lots of schools and places etc you will recognise that have had their names changed but are unmistakable Interesting characters as well They reminded me of some of the guys I knew A little
I liked this for the local Sydney details, evoking a vivid sense of place But I struggled to care about any of the mediocre characters with their self absorbed, quotidian concerns No plot to speak of.

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  • Paperback
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  • The Sunshine Years
  • Afsaneh Knight
  • 25 December 2019
  • 9780857521446