The Temptation of Sebastian

The Temptation of SebastianReturning From War To A London He Doesn T Recognize Any, Sebastian Takes On The Life Of A Hermit, Living A Life Of Deprivation In A Monk S Cell His Only Contact With The Outside World Is The Man Who Brings Him Supplies Until Sebastian Meets Shae, Who Turns His Whole Life Around Shae Brings Dreams And Visions, Leaving Sebastian Wondering What S Real, And What S Fantasy Shae Encourages Sebastian To Leave His Old Life, And All Of His Pain Behind Will Giving In To The Will Of The Ethereal Shae Make Sebastian Happy Once Sebastian is a former soldier scarred in the body but above all in the soul Returning from the war he can no live among the people, he is no the man he was when he has left for Africa and for a war that has made he witnessed the death of too many people, men, women and children So he has choosen to live alone in an island but when he arrives dreams and strange things happen and he is irresistible drawn to a place will he at the end find his peace after the war As always the fantasy of Emily Veinglor