The Test

The Test Rossam Has Come Of Age To Take His Country S Social Class Assignment Exam The Physical Fortitude And Intellectual Capacity Test Many Take The Test And Fail, But Ross Won T Take Failure As An Option, And Will Do Everything He Can To Prove He Is Worthy Of Joining The Armed Forces However, Unforeseeable Events Test Him Far Than He Could Have Ever Thought Possible, As The Weight Of Responsibility For An Entire Nation Pushes Ross To The Edge The Test Is Brad Kearney S Self Publishing Debut The Test Is A Science Fiction Novella, At A Length Of Just Over 20,000 Words Contains Strong Language And Adult Themes. There seems to be so much out there in the dystopian apocalyptic genre of stories nowadays While somewhat reminiscent of the Hunger games and others of their ilk, this story stands apart from many of those stories The Test
Neat world This was a great opening for a series Fast paced, well written action Leaves me with the desire to find out how things will pan out for our young hero