UFOs The Shocking Truth

UFOs The Shocking Truth This Is The Fifth In An Ongoing Series The First Edition Is UFOs The Shocking Truth, The Second Edition Is The Antarctica Hollow Earth Connection, The Third Edition Is Invisible Control And Magnetically Cohesive Beings, The Fourth Edition Is The Egyptian Pyramid Connection With To Come The First Three Editions Are Available In A Box Set.Have You Ever Wondered What Over 30 Years Of Unbiased Research Would Show On The Subject Of UFOs And Others That Seem To Be Here With Us This Is A Short Nonfiction Work Based On The Subject Not A Long Drawn Out Explanation Of The Subject, But The Useful Results Of The Research This Work Is Not Intended To Display The Research, But Give The Conclusions Obtained From That Research Some Facts Are Included That Were Derived From That Research, When Needed To Help The Reader Confirm And Understand The Conclusions The Shocking Truth Will Be Revealed Will You Be Able To Handle It, Or Try Not To Face It The Choice Is Yours.Look For Published Work Later, Continuing The Series. Giants and UFOs This short book relates reports of giants living in earth from ancient times to present day and attempts to demonstrate a relationship between giants and UFOs The author provides a great deal of information that is not substantiated by