Vampire Hotel

Vampire Hotel Lance Would Like To Think He S Like Any Other Guy But After Escaping A Mental Hospital With A Vampire On His Trail , He S Inclined To Settle On A Less Weird Finding Refuge In A Small South Dakota Town Lance Tries To Regain His Past Without Becoming Too Attached To The Locals Can Lance Recover His Past Before Vampires Suck The Small Town Dry, Or Worse Spend The Rest Of His Life In A Small Town Quite different from the vampire books I ve been reading and I was quite pleasantly surprised Very entertaining, not only vampires but all sorts of nefarious characters join the fun in this small town setting Lance as the main character was quite enjoyable as he tries to remember wher
This book has Vampires AND Ninjas Were not talking about sparkly vampires either These things are pure evil Its an entertaining action packed horror adventure based on the premise of what if a badass wandered into a horror movie.