Vinny & Violet, The Unwanted Kittens

Vinny & Violet, The Unwanted Kittens Based On A True Story, This Sweet, Inspirational Short Story Is About A Couple Of Kittens Who Were Cruelly Abandoned And Left For Dead By Their Owners One Of The Kittens Is Extremely Ill, So When The Kittens Are Found By A Little Girl Named Ashley, It Soon Becomes A Life Or Death Situation This Short Story Is Perfect For Animal Lovers Ages 7 12 Not Only Will The Story Warm Your Heart, But It Also Teaches An Important Lesson About Empathy And Proper Animal Care This Story Can Be Read Aloud Or Enjoyed By Independent Readers. Lovely story with a happy endingVinny and Violet, The Unwanted Kittens by Maranda Russell, is a beautifully written and heartwarming story that will be enjoyed by the entire family The two precious kittens are abandoned by their owners and left in a dirty box in a parking lot When Ashley finds them on her way home she asks her mom if she can have them Her mom agrees as long as Ashley will take good care of them As soon as Ashley brings them home she gives the kittens a bath Vinny does well but it s apparent that Violet is quite ill Ashley gets help from
What do you get when you have two abandoned kittens and a little girl named Ashley Two very lucky rescued kittens whose new owner really loves them Good thing too, because after giving them a bath, Ashley realizes there is something really wrong with Violet She is a sick little kitty and needs extra attention, and Ashley is just the person to take care of her.After hand feeding little Violet, she puts both kittens to bed They quickly find comfort with each other and fall asleep The next morning though, it s pretty clear that Violet is not getting any better Fortunately for Ashley, her Aunt Linda is a veterinarian with an animal hospital Unfortunately for Violet, she ll have to stay overnight.Both of these kittens are very lucky that someone found them, as it is not every day that it will happen Small, helpless and abandoned animals generally do not survive if left on their own But
There will never be enough stories about cats.Every little creature has feelings So true After reading the story Vinny Violet, The Unwanted Kittens, by Maranda Russell, I could not find better words than the ones Maranda used in her story As an animal lover, I felt sad for the abandoned kittens, and truly related to her short story that reveals how often people treat our little friends unfairly Fortunately, her moving story has a happy ending, and the abandoned kittens Vinny and Violet found a great home and people who would love them.I was very impressed with the character of the little girl, Ashley, who took care of the sick kitten, and throughout the story gave her love to the abandoned kittens I hope this story will show readers how to open their hearts to every little creature placed on Earth Vinny Violet, The Unwanted Kittens is a great book for all ages of readers Mrs.D author of children s picture books Carlo The Mouse on Vacation , The Trees Have Hearts
Sweet StoryI love cats and kittens too It is so hard when they are ill and abandoned This is such a sweet story about saving a kitten who was ill.