What Elves Eat

What Elves EatElorien Is The Most Beautiful Elf In Faerie When His Best Friend Guntoras Returns From The World Claiming He Has Seen Someone Beautiful Than He, Elorien Is Incensed He Offends Queen Elucinara, Who Sends Him On A Quest To Find The Human And Judge For Himself Who Is The Beautiful Of The Two.Dario Is A Movie Star Who Is Starting To Feel Repulsed By The Back Stabbing Machinations Of Hollywood When Elorien Appears At His Fancy Dress Party, Everyone Believes Him To Be A Hired Look A Like But Elorien And Dario Soon Overcome Their Initial Shock And Give In To A Mutual Attraction That Blazes Into A Passionate Relationship.Struggling With Hordes Of Paparazzi, An Egomaniacal Popstar Girlfriend, And Elorien S Own Quest For Queen Elucinara, Can Their Growing Love Be Anything Than A Fleeting Affair Elorien is the most beautiful elf of the Faerie World And he is also vain and arrogant When is former lover Guntoras returns from the human world saying to have found the most beautiful man, beautiful ever of a elf, Elorien is offended and doesn t want to admit it is possible such a thing So when the Faerie Queen order him to go in person and return with his own judgement, Elorien goes to the human world What he finds is an human actor very similar to him, without pointed ears and long straight hair And he finds also a willing lover, who wants to share all he have with him Dario is a crescent star of Hollywood, and he has everything, less the love he wants So when he meets Elorien, he thinks to have found