Wild Pitch

Wild PitchAmazing Books, Wild Pitch By A.B Guthrie Jr This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Wild Pitch, Essay By A.B Guthrie Jr Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Wild Pitch A B Guthrie A Sheriff Chick Charleston Mystery Book 1What a refreshing and sometimes amusing read I had the kindle version It s not a very long story so I just took my kindle with me and listened straight through It s a nice clean read sutable for YA.The story is set in the small Montana town of Midbury, Pop 1,500 The Sheriff s territory includes the county also Midbury has the usual assortment of townsfolk The town drunk, Old Doc Yak, the sweet little old lady,Mrs Jenkins, and the town s telephone operator, Mabel To name just a few I figured the setting was somewhere in the 1950 s or 40 s Jason Jase Beard tells the tail from his point of view Jase is seventeen and relates events and he sees and interperates them Jase always has his baseball with him and his dream is to pitch in the major leagues He hangs around the Sheriff s office, in the summer, and does odd jobs for Sheriff Charleston Chick Charleston is sort of a Longmier, Andy Taylor, mix with an unknown past He is easy going and doesn t carry a gun When a well known and disliked citizen is shot he takes Jase with him to invistigate and take notes The case goes slowley and then there is another murder Are the two murders related I m not telling.I liked the book cover it gave a good impression of the sheriff The characters were fun and it was easy to like most of them I liked the way Jase told the story Some of his deductions were right on others were a bit off
The author developed an interesting plot for a murder mystery, had some intriguing characters for the book but the story fizzled The location is a western small town, sometime in the twentieth century
This book was published in 1971, but it feels like the 50 s though no date is mentioned Set in Montana, it recalls a time when the West was no longer wild but wasn t fully civilized either I lived in Tempe Phoenix area Arizona then I can remember real cowboys, sheep herds coming right through the middle of town, and Gypsies in colorful horse and mule drawn wagons Small town America, Western style Guthrie does a fine job evoking that time and place The mystery is a pretty good one, though there are a few tropes thrown in like the witness who tries to blackmail the killer There are interesting and well drawn characters who are indeed characters Every town has them and if you re from a small town you ll probably recognize one or two A couple smal
A modern Western , taking place in the 1970s or so, in a small town in Montana Interesting characters, well fleshed, a plausible story line and satisfactory conclusion, all told in the voice of Sheriff Chick Charleston s 17 year old volunteer deputy, who pitches for the town baseb
First rate Mr Guthrie is one of the best This novel is no exception Characters that come to life, intelligent humor and a solid and satisfying story line Montana s own, A B never fails to entertain. Wild Pitch A B Guthrie Modern western small town sheriff and murder as told by the Sheriffs teenage friend Fair read kinda unusual want be reading any of these books. This review originally published in Looking For a Good Book Rated 3.5 of 5When we typically think of western fiction, we re imagining cowboy and wandering soldiers in the 1800 s, exploring a vast, largely unexplored wilderness west of the Mississippi River A.B Guthrie Jr s Wild Pitch is less a western than it is a mystery set in the American Southwest.I was not aware of the time frame until I ran across in which someone was led out to his car, which was his own not the county s and brought him maybe enough money in mileage for operation and maintenance Huh Someone drives a gas fueled automobile in the old west Ohso it ISN T the old west It definitely took me a bit to overcome this expectation.Sheriff Chick Charleston is a quiet man working in a remote wilderness setting, so when a local curmudgeon is shot during a nighttime picnic, it s business as unusual for him Buster Hogue has no shortage of people who would want to see him dead, so Chick s list of suspects is plenty long, even for such a small community.The story is told from the viewpoint of seventeen year old Jason Beard who works part time for Chick It s a really interesting concept and allows for some unique observations and theories that, coming from a young man, aren t
Buster Houge is an ornery old man, but while none of his neighbors hate him no one really wants to kill him At least that is what everyone says There is only one problem someone shot Buster in the head at a nighttime picnic Now it is up to Sheriff Chick Charleston to find out who that person is The Sheriff is a man with an interesting past, but he is not accustomed to hunting a murderer When the murderer strikes again the stakes are raised Will Charleston be able to prevent another murder None of the locals seem like the kind of people who would become a sniper, but one of them must be Is it one of the old timers in the area Is it the retired Geology professor Perhaps it is the Psychiatrist No one seems to have an idea.Wild Pitch is an engaging mystery with a western setting that takes place sometime in the middle of the 20th century The narrator is Jason Beard, a 17 year old who helps the Sheriff out with odd jobs and hopes to become a major league baseball pitcher one day Through Jason s eyes we are able to get a glimpse of the interesting characters who live around the small town of Midbury, Montana Guthrie is writing than a mystery in this novel He gives us a glimpse into the life of a small, rural town in the West There is the elderly widow who sings hymns everywhere she goes There is the town drunk, the old doctor, all of the classic characters you would exp
This is a wonderfully written mystery which takes place during the 70s in the foothills of Montana Guthrie has a very engaging way with words The story is told from the point of view of a seventeen year old almost deputy who is the sidekick of a small town Chick Charleston There are two murders to solve in an area where this is an unknown happening This is accomplished
Western Mystery that takes place in a small town in Montana, where the sheriff doesn t wear his gun, and solves two murders committed with the same weapon With the help of his teenage helper, who is also the narrator of the tale, they compile the clues and flus