Winter in Paradise

Winter in Paradise A Husband S Secret Life, A Wife S New Beginning Escape To The Caribbean With New York Times Bestselling Author Elin HilderbrandIrene Steele Shares Her Idyllic Life In A Beautiful Iowa City Victorian House With A Husband Who Loves Her To Sky Writing, Sentimental Extremes But As She Rings In The New Year One Cold And Snowy Night, Everything She Thought She Knew Falls To Pieces With A Shocking Phone Call Her Beloved Husband, Away On Business, Has Been Killed In A Plane Crash Before Irene Can Even Process The News, She Must First Confront The Perplexing Details Of Her Husband S Death On The Distant Caribbean Island Of St JohnAfter Irene And Her Sons Arrive At This Faraway Paradise, They Make Yet Another Shocking Discovery Her Husband Had Been Living A Secret Life As Irene Untangles A Web Of Intrigue And Deceit, And As She And Her Sons Find Themselves Drawn Into The Vibrant Island Culture, They Have To Face The Truth About Their Family, And About Their Own Futures Rich With The Lush Beauty Of The Tropics And The Drama, Romance, And Intrigue Only Elin Hilderbrand Can Deliver, Winter In Paradise Is A Truly Transporting Novel, And The Exciting Start To A New Series But love is messy, complicated and unfair A sentiment fitting for just about everyone in this angsty start to Elin Hilderbrand s newest winter series For readers looking to fill the void left behind after four holiday seasons spent with the Quinn family, brace yourselves The enormity of the betrayal and questionable decision making here is sure to go one of two ways The curiosity of how things could play out spoiler things end on a bit of a cliffhanger may be enough to warrant a return trip to picturesque St John or the indecisiveness of one and selfishness of many within these pages might find some readers making other winter plans This Hilderbrand fan is determined to stick it out for the long haul Absent is the abundant holiday spirit that was always front and center at the Winter Street Inn, replaced instead with the beauty of life on the Caribbean Island of St John It s a phone call on none other than New Year s night that skews Irene Steele s perspective on her entire existence A mid western magazine editor, with two grown sons, and often embarrassed by her husband s outward showing of affection, she s content spending time alone in the Victorian that s been her pet project Russ, her husband, is constantly on the go for work, jettisoning from one locale to the next Although, Irene was pretty sure he hadn t mentioned the Caribbean as his next destination Naturally, the news of her husband s death in a helicopter crash over the expanse of turquoise water, with an unknown woman, leaves her with questions than answers With her two sons, Irene descends on the island, determined to find the truth Both Baker and Cash s own lives are in turmoil, but it does nothing to mend the dissension and competitiveness that s always burned between them In fact, the flames are stoked when they find themselves vying for the same woman Caught up in the grief of losing her best friend, Ayers is willing to overlook her one staunch rule to never date a tourist in the hopes of alleviating just a fraction of her pain The resulting relationships or love square are complicated at best Sure, do I wish someone in particular I won t mention any names here for fear of spoiling it for someone else had been decisive from the start and not fallen back on what felt like the easy choice in the end Sure Was there one relationship that left me choking on the combining phrase that often precedes the word love when referring to underdeveloped feelings Yes It didn t help matters that this particular he wasn t my pick for her Although, in his defense, he did categorized his own feelings as love at first sight And, even I have to admit, their time together was kind of brazen and comical What draws me to Hilderbrand s work time and again is her innate ability to create complicated but relatable relationship dynamics And to do so through multiple voices Characters I often find myself enad with, even in the midst of some of their biggest mistakes It s safe to say, despite their faults and penchant for keeping secrets, there s a lot to cling to here.And now I m left to ponder, how would things have to play out in order to get what I want for the characters What comes to mind one adjective, two syllables awk ward Only a return to St John will tell. 5 sun kissed take me to the beach stars Elin Hilderbrand heard the silent sobbing of her devoted readers after she ended the Winter Street series and has rewarded us by creating a new trilogy series set in the Virgin Islands specifically St John Irene Steele, second cousin to Winter Street s Mitzi Quinn, is at 57 facing a lot of challenges It s the end of another year, her employer wants her to retire, her husband, Russ, is away on business, her mother in law is ailing and her two grown sons don t seem to need her any Then her phone rings and Irene receives the news that her husband is dead, having died in a helicopter crash Mitzi and her sons, Baker and Cash, head to the Island where secrets await Winter in Paradise is contemporary family drama done right It s coupled with the right amount of tension, heartache, and romance Irene Steele might just be my favorite EH character at the moment as she faces an uphill battle of reeling from the secrets her husband kept hidden, trying to grieve but also trying to forgive This book is definitely going to make the book club circuit Thanks to Netgalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review Wow, this is how to start a series Elin Hilderbrand s newest book and first in a series, Winter in Paradise, takes a break from cozy Nantucket and whisks us away to sunny St John Irene Steele is the main character that has it all We know the one fantastic husband, kids, the job, and home That perfect facade has cracks, though, when her children are grown and don t need her as much, her husband is distant, and her job is pushing retirement The cracks shatter when she receives the late night phone call no one wants Her husband has been found dead under mysterious circumstances He was found far away on the island of St John Irene flies to St John with her two sons to figure things out, and she is confronted with unexpected news her husband has a second family Even with all the deceit staring her in the face, Irene won t give up until she finds out the truth I know some of you may be thinking this sound dramatic and predictable, but not when Hilderbrand writes it It reads as if this is happening to your best friend, and Irene becomes your best friend She is human, her emotions are raw and honest, and she is fierce She takes on all these secrets and fights for closure and peace for herself and her family With themes of heartache, love and loss, and most of all, hope and healing, Winter in Paradise is a stunning beginning to a new series, and I ll be biting my nails waiting for book number two This is why I don t often read series ahh The waiting Thanks to Little, Brown for the opportunity to read and review an early copy All opinions are my own My reviews can also be found on my blog This book is everything it should be Set in the islands it s a perfect read for those of us in the midst of winter What a wonderful escape from the cold I typically read serious books and this was an entertaining change When doesn t the beach give us pleasure4 out of 5 stars Happy publication date to this book 3 3 Oh MY Ok. my first thought is why in heck have I waited SO long to read a Elin Hilderbrand book No excuses This was FANTASTIC I ve got to go back to all her previous series and get going here.I fell in love with everything about this book The characters are relatable, deep, emotional, and the setting is godly haha Hilderbrand I think you ve just convinced me where I want to take my honeymoon with my new husband next year Irene s husband dies in a tragic helicopter accident along with his deception of living an entire double life in the island of St John s Can you imagine. not only finding out your husband is dead but also living a double live in a beautiful island of St John s Yikes.In grief, Irene drops everything along with her two sons Baker and Cash who travel to the island of St John s Of course, nothing is as easy as it may seem and secrets upon secrets are waiting for them Winter in Paradise is the perfect amount of romance, heartache, love, and tension I would not categorize this as a romance per say but it s so much than that and I am SO glad I read this If this is anything like Hilderbrand s previous novels I am definitely in for a treat I loved Irene Steele s character the most but characterization is so strong in this novel This is a must read my friends Beautifully well crafted novel Huge 5 stars for Winter in Paradise Highly recommend.Huge thank you to Little Brown and Company and Netgalley for the advanced arc in exchange for my honest thoughts.Publication date 10 9 18Published to GR 9 30 18 4 Stars This was my first Elin Hilderbrand book It certainly did not disappointed It was exactly what I needed going into the holiday season beach, love, loss, betrayal and mystery What could be a perfect combo Ireene has a great life She has a successful husband who is away on business quite a bit but still makes time to send her flowers She has two boys who are grown and out of the house She has her dream house, which she just remodeled She has great friends who she spends holidays with, what really could be wrong One day Ireene gets a phone call that her husband has been in a helicopter accident in St Johns But why was he in St John s and who is this woman and pilot that he was with when the helicopter crashed Ireene has to put her life on hold and go down to the Caribbean only to find out about his second life that he was living She discovers so many new secrets about the man she s been married to for almost 20 years and just can t believe what she s found I won t say too much as the secrets are fun to find out as they comeOverall I read this book at the exact time I needed it It s an easy read and not too long It also had great pacing so it made me want to come back for I read it in about a day and half but easily could have read it in one sitting The only thing that is tough for me is the ending It left us in a total cliffhanger and yes, I know this is a series but I was hoping I wouldn t have to wait another year to get Nevertheless, I will definitely be picking up the second and third when it comes out in this series I need Steele family in my life Find all of my reviews at time I have never read nor really had the desire to read anything by Elin Hildebrand Partially because I had no clue where to even begin and partially because my poolside types of reads tend to be a little heavier handed on tattoed alpha men than it appears would be present in her books Buuuuuuuuuut, much like with every end cap I have ever passed at Wal Mart or Target, this book was errrrrrrywhere on the Instagram and after experiencing weather like this for the past month I needed an escape.All that being said, I had no idea what this was about before beginning aside from I knew it was the first in a series I did know I wanted to be the woman on the cover and My reaction upon starting and discovering the jumping off point to getting from horrible Iowa winter to tropical St John was not only a husband who died courtesy of a helicopter crash, but one who also HAD A SECOND SECRET FAMILY was pretty much like So we get introduced to Irene, the original 50 something wife of dead adulterer Russ, and her two grown men children Baker and Cash, and then Huck, the stepfather of Russ mistress Rosie who also happened to be on the chopper when it went down AND then Rosie s best friend Ayers AND Rosie s kid Maia and a handful of other ancillary characters and it s pretty obvious that Russ must have been dealing in some shenanigans in order to have this multi million dollar villa that is usually only featured on shows like My Lottery Dream House, but you never really get to that point because all these peoples lives start mixing and then maybe love is in the air and Especially because I was running out of pages like PRONTO and how the eff was anything going to get wrapped up Then I realized my mistake You see, I have become accustomed to reading series that uses the term as loosely as possible because each book focuses on a new main character Meeting all of the peeps above had me believing that would be the case here But I was wrong I would love to be petty and give this zero stars, but since there is absolutely no chance I won t be reading the next one I m going with 3.5 instead Oh, and even though I am technically done with the Winter Reading Challenge, I requested this book because it fit the bill by taking me to the U.S Virgin Islands It just queued up about 12 seconds too late to make the cut. My review will contain spoilers I want to know why Elin went with this particular ending To say that I was disappointed it s an understatement.Winter in Paradise tells the story of Irene Steel A woman in her fifties, married to Russ and who has two grown children, Cash and Baker She recently received a promotion at her job but she understands it really leads to an early retirement She is very unhappy about this news when she receives a phone call after New Year s telling her that her husband has been in an accident and he has perished in a helicopter crash in the Caribbean Irene doesn t understand what her husband was doing in St John Worse, when he died, he wasn t alone, a West Indian woman was with him She calls her sons to inform them about the accident and they all fly together to learn about his death.Cash and Baker both had bad news before this particular phone call Cash has lost his two business stores which Russ gave him the money for and Baker s wife, Anna a cardiothoracic surgeon, has told him she has fallen in love with another woman Soon after arriving at the USVI, the brothers learn that her father was not as good as they thought He had a mistress and probably was working in something illegal Russ owns a secluded villa with nine bedrooms which had to cost millions I m going to stop here with the plot and I m going to tell you what I dislike about it Spoilers ahead All the family members had very poor communication They all kept secrets from each other A complete disconnect in a family that should be mourning together There is insta love which I hate between both brothers and one island girl, Ayers Although, it s like a square since she also has a cheating ex boyfriend one that by the end of the book she chooses to go back to because it s the one she knows the best Really Her choice as a woman is to go to the cheating guy because she can t do any better she doesn t even consider staying alone or because every man cheats The two brothers were always acting like brats, fighting over the same girl Neither was good enough One was a pot head and the other one wanted to live like a bum Neither had any type of aspiration Cash lost his two stores and the only thing he was looking forward was to go back to skiing He didn t seem worried about his future and no money I thought Cash was so immature He calls Ayers to tell on his brother He spent his time trying to undermine Baker The worst part was that Irene had a favorite son and she was blinded to his incompetence Then there is a particular scene between one of the brothers and Ayers having sex on the beach No protection needed or mentioned and when they get interrupted, life goes on without much fanfare I believe Irene, Huck, and Maia saved this book They were so much interesting to me Huck was grieving the loss of his step daughter while trying to be a good grandparent to Maia He was nice to Irene when he didn t need to be He also supported Ayers emotionally.Maia was a sweet kid who lost her mother Rosie Russ s mistress and yet she was dealing with it in a positive way She behaves much like an adult than Baker or Cash ever did They should learn from her I had no idea this was a trilogy and when it ended in a cliffhanger, it took me by surprise One last thing, I m still mad at Irene for having favorites Cliffhanger Yes2 5 Fangs This book was so much fun The characters are easily relatable and the setting is beautiful My only complaint is that I have to wait for the second book to see what happens to these amazing characters. I devoured every word of this one The thing I love about Elin Hildebrand novels is she always packs them with fascinating characters and then you get drama, drama, drama and the twists just keep coming This one is set in both Iowa and the Virgin Islands After the death of Russ, a businessman who is often away, his Iowa family discovers he s been keeping a HUGE secret down in the Virgin Islands The characters are really great, and there are hints Elin Hildebrand may yet be able to turn this story of marital disaster into something of a hopeful note one day as lost characters from the states meet lonely souls on the island.I found myself falling in love with the way she wrote the island and the characters, even as I found myself a little wistful for snowy Nantucket and the uber Christmas scene of the Winter Street series, which will always be one of my favorite Christmas series of all time Still, this book on its own is an absolute delight, particularly in the lush descriptions of the islands, the fishing, the rivalry between the two brothers so believably written view spoiler But Cash, dude, you were SUCH a jerk there at the end You have some major improvements to do before I can pull for you hide spoiler

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