Witness to Surrender

Witness to SurrenderSiddiq Salik Spent 1971 In Dhaka As A Uniquely Privileged Observer And Participant In The Political And Human Drama That Culminated In The Indo Pakistan War And The Creation Of Bangladesh Salik Was Taken Prisoner By The Indian Forces After The Fall Of Dhaka And Remained A Prisoner Of War Until 1973 His Was The First Detailed Account Of The War To Appear From Pakistan After The Separation Of The Eastern Wing This Authoritative, Dispassionate Narrative, Firmly Anchored In Fact, Sets The Scene With A Comprehensive Overview Of The Political Turbulence Of The Period And Goes On To Offer A Detailed Account Of The War. , , , , 1 , Public Relations Officer , , , , Dacca The Last Act, P , P v 1 , , , , from East Pakistan The Endgame An Onlooker s Journal 1969 1971 this book is about the separation of East Pakistan.one the wonderful books i have ever read.i would recommend every one to read it.the outher,mr.siddiq salik,is a legend writer and an eyewitness of the great mas
mr siddiq has given a totally biased story which dosnt reflect the brutality committed by pak army on bangladesh civilians either he was ignorant or does not have the guts to say we did it. An eye witness account of a shameless military officer who later became the right hand in Zia s regime and got blown up with him over the desert of Bahawalpur Salik has been a part and parcel of tyranny exhorted on the Bengalis and blamed the opposition movement with all the ills which lead to surrender and him becoming one of 90,000 POWs Disgusted to read it Neverthe
I give the book a 3 star rating because of the quality of the writing and not for the adherence to truth or honesty that a book of non fiction should contain Siddiq Salik, a public relations officer of the Pakistan Army in East Bengal during 1971, writes like a literateur, doing justice to his degree in literature from Punjab Univerity About the night of 25 26 March when the army crackdown Operation Searchlight started, he writes By then, the night had already set in Nobody knew then that it would be a night without a healing dawn at its end That s almost poetic But, alas, the truth has suffered, time and again, at his hands I guess, his hands were tied, having to keep his job and remain in the good books of the army hierarchy He has deliberately downplayed the atrocities of Operation Searchlight, emphasizing on the massacres of non Bengalis Biharis at Chittagong and North Bengal, as if those prompted the army crackdown He also takes a philosophical view on rapes committed and tries to be sagacious about how rape by the army was not right He tries his
Though completely biased it s a fine account on the war from a conqueror s point of view Major Salik ,however considered the pakistan army the savior of Pakistan The writer , a believer of United Pakistan was part of the eastern high command as an P.R officer.I think it gives a vivid idea of how people on the united Pakistan side including some bangalee intellectuals ,politicains used to see the ongoing issues Sometimes the word creats the detest of a propaganda towards the book The book is resourceful for the military history of the war but It tries to extol the west pakistani soldiers devotion to fatherland , Honor when pivoting the issues of genocide and intellectual killings All the atrocities were blamed upon the rebels Thus , his writing sometimes seems a bit fabricated He also managed to portray the Pakistan supporters and Rajakars helpless and true patriot all the time According to him a few rape case , around nine to ten ,
Heard of that book so many times that intrigues me to read to know what so good about a book a then Pakistani Militia could write I must say, got some new information specially on military strategy pakistani army adopted during liberation war the political and social situation At the end of the day, Birds of a feather flock together As a patriotic pakistani citizen he completely ignored the massacre created by Pakistani Army on 25th March night to be specific Through the book, he always intend to defend pakistani activities during the war whereas he spontaneously blamed muktis and Indian Soldiers for the Invasion on then East Pakistan Any third person could realize that, Bangladesh was born by the conspiracy of Indians You can not ignore the fact manipulate when you are writing a book based on historical events As a reader, I feel It s a crime you can not f
It could be one of the detailed accounts of how Dacca fell but it ensures that version is censored to suit Pakistani audience largely At many of the places, one will find contradictions in writer s own views Though, it admits wrong doings on part of Pakistani army but at first place it does not mention the whole lot of atrocities that army is alleged of Hence, writer s job in justifying what he reported, was made much easier.India is to be blamed for a lot of it as writer goes but it seldom touches the subtle topics like treatment of East Pakistanis by western leadership since the dawn of independence which led them to six points agenda I had also read, A R Siddiqui s Chronicles of War and when both the write ups are compared it gives an impression that despite sharing possibly many of the details both the army men have shared merely half of the story or even less then that.The condemn able thing was the massacre committed by both the sides i.e from freedom fighters as well as from army but from neutral standpoint army was considered as an oppression army and once such a belief penetrates, freedom fighters may have found easy justifications f
Witness to surrender by Siddique Salik is one of the three Books I read about liberation of East Pakistan, first, Surrender at Dacca Birth of a Nation by Lt Gen J F R Jacob, The Betrayal of Pakistan by Lt Gen AAK Niazi and third, Witness to surrender by Siddique Salik The first Book is about the Indian side of the Battle and the other two Books are about Pakistan side of the story Main message from these Books is that development of infrastructure, protection of indigenous industries, education, women uplift, democratic institutions Parliament etc are necessary steps to be taken by each Government for benefit of its people Pakistan spent most of the money on development of western Pakistan After elections, the elected representatives were not called and Parliament still These situations brought the break up of Pakistan Second, alongwith training on army related issues, Army officers should be trained about democratic institutions and importance of establishing demo
During the 1971 war,Siddiq Salik had the opportunity to observe the unfolding of those tragic events from the headquarters of the Pakistan army s eastern command.He worked with Generals Yaqub,Tikka and Niazi.He was there when the military operation was launched to quell civil disturbances and had to stay in Dacca till the bitter conclusion of the war.He writes about the atrocities committed against the West Pakistani troops and their families,many of whom were massacred in cold blood by the Bengalis.He talks about the hopelessness of the situation confronting the Pakistani troops,a long way from home,armed with only light weapons,without any air force and facing a far larger enemy force and a hostile local population and the Mukti Bahini.The book is also a stinging indictment of the failures of the high command.He is particularly scathing towards General Niazi.The ending is poignant as the Pakistan army surrenders in Dacca and th

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  • Witness to Surrender
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  • 10 September 2018
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