WolfWhen A Vagrant The Walking Man Finds A Dog Wandering Alone With The Words HELP US Written On Its Collar, He S Sure It S A Desperate Plea From Someone In Trouble And Calls On Detective Inspector Jack Caffery To Investigate Caffery Is Reluctant To Get Involved Until The Walking Man Promises New Information Regarding The Childhood Abduction Of Caffery S Brother In Exchange For The Detective S Help Tracking Down The Dog S Owners Caffery Has No Idea Who Or What He Is Searching For, But One Thing He Is Sure Of It S A Race Against Time Meanwhile, The Anchor Ferrers, A Wealthy Local Family, Are Fighting For Their Lives In Their Remote Home Ten Miles Away Two Men Have Tricked Their Way Into The House And Are Holding The Family For Ransom Yet As The Captors Demands Become Increasingly Bizarre And Humiliating, It Becomes Clear That This Is Than A Random Crime It S A Personal Vendetta. Minnet kable, Minnet with the emphasis on the first syllable Usually the name is never spoken aloud in this household The one who must not be named OMinnet is a white,british and the Anchor ferrers have no idea how he came to be given shch a name There is nothing in any of the legal transcripts to suggest his heritage Kable was insane, convicted over and over for a string of offences arson, Sexual assault, car theft No one knows what made him cross the line and turn to killing that summer night, or why he targeted Hugo Frink and his new girlfriend, Sophie Hurst Lloyd It happened about a mile away from the turrets, in a section of wood at the far end of the valley Now it is used by youngsters to ride BMX bicycles Back then it was just a piece of unchartered woodland called the donkey pitch because someone had once, years ago, kept donkeys there The land was adjacent to Hugo s grandparents property, but too far for anyone to hear the teenagers screaming Kable s final signature was to remove the intestines of both teenagers He twisted them together and used them to decorate the trees above the corpses in the shape of a heart Which is exactly what ha
Oh, how much I love Mo Hayder I think that the Treatment and Devil in Nanking also called Tokyo are two of my favorite books of all time I love everything she writers, but some I love than others Wolf catches us up with Jack, and the interesting thing is that he s very changed from the guy we first met all those years ago As an author, it s really difficult to slowl
Many people commented that Mo Hayder s last Jack Caffrey novel, Poppet was not as good as the rest A fact that I denied continuously Having just finished Wolf I was wrong Wolf is a return to everything that is brilliant about Mo Hayder s, Jack Caffrey series and shows some of the others up.The book is unique to others as this is not so much a police investigation as a private case for Jack Caffrey None of the familiar characters appear except for Jack and the Walking Man are present Initially I was disappointed that we would not see the continuation of the Jack and Flea relationship but as the book progresses it was so enthralling I forgot there were any characters missing at all The victims as always play a wonderful part in this book I love the way Mo Hayder invites us to meet new characters in her
I am so sad that my relationship with Hayder has come to an end I have spent the last few months binge reading all her writing and now I don t know what to do with my life This is the final installment in the Jack Caffrey crime series and, while not full of happy ever afters and fully explained summaries, I feel like the series drew to an acceptable close here Hayder never gives her readers all the answers and I did not expect her to do so here but I feel like I received the closure I needed from the series and shall look back on my journey with Caffrey fondly This book had its own crime story that took primary focus, but aspects from all previous novels made an appearance, which made me feel like I was saying goodbye to the story once and for all.This book, for me, was probably her least sickening but m
The queen of nail shredding tension returns with Wolf, the seventh novel to feature DI Jack Caffery and the fifth in the Walking Man series We have a convoluted plot that uses as its backdrop the visceral in all senses of the word murder of two teenagers 14 years previously, where a killer was brought to justice Cut to a wealthy family in the present day, living in the vicinity of said murder, held hostage and terrorised by two intruders, but able to send an SOS message out secreted in their dog s collar.The dog is found by the Walking Man a traveling man searching for the remains of his murdered daughter who contacts Jack Caffery The two men are linked by the disappearance of Jack s brother years ago, and the Walking Man is a motif in the series bringing new information now and again As a pay off for further information Caffery agrees to track down the dog s owners, and solve the mystery of the ominous message that simply says, Help us Caffery has no idea who or what he is searching for, but is certain that it is a race against time.We all know what to expect from Edgar award winning Mo Hayder in terms of violence, brutality and graphic death, and Wolf will not disappoint Not onl
Hayder takes your worst nightmares, translates them into words and sets them down on a page Grisly, gritty and oh so dark, but her character Inspector Caffery is a character that I am drawn to He is haunted by his brothers death when they were young, convinced he was taken by the pedophile that lived very close to them, and he has never stopped looking for his body or information on what happened to him The walking man is another great character, with a difficult sorrow of his own.The case in this book will find Caffrey solving a horrible crime on his own, with a side deal made with the Walking man The case itself, has many twists and turns, revelations that shock, and a resolution ashorrible as the crime itself In other words, this is Hayder true to form, doing what she does best
Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaidoor de snel wisselende hoofdstukken van hooguit 1 2 bladzijden waarin afwisselend dader, slachtoffer en rechercheur een rol spelen werd ik niet meegezogen in het verhaal Af en toe las ik een paar bladzijden en kon het boek makkelijk wegleggente weinig spanning Prachtige cover Publication Date April 24th 2014When a vagrant the Walking Man finds a dog wandering alone with the words HELP US written on its collar, he s sure it s a desperate plea from someone in trouble and calls on Detective Inspector Jack Caffery to investigate Caffery is reluctant to get involved until the Walking Man promises new information regarding the childhood abduction of Caffery s brother in exchange for the detective s help tracking down the dog s owners Caffery has no idea who or what he is searching for, but one thing he is sure of it s a race against time.Is it really Book 7 of the Jack Caffery series already Yep it would seem so and the first thing I want to say about this one is for me it was the best one yet Part of the Walking Man series within the series, as always it featured compelling characters, a dark and violent mystery and some truly shivery moments.Somewhere a family is in trouble We know this, we also know that its possible their one hope is Jack Caffery, a man who does not know they exist With her usual trademark build up of tension, Mo Hayder takes us on a twisted journey towards an unknown outcome.The first part of this novel totally freaked me out I mean REALLY Dark dreams, not wanting to be alone in the house, jumping at every sound freaked out And to be honest even as things became clear
I really enjoyed this book Mo Hayder tangles things up so well Then she slowly untangles and builds the suspense What she s really good at is not just turning the tables, but really spinning the tables I kept wondering w
I ve done it I ve gotten to the latest instalment of the Caffery series and sadly I m a little disappointed with this one.I m not going to go too much into the storyline A mature couple and their daughter are taking a break in their countryside residence in Somerset because the father, Oliver, is recovering from heart surgery A good place to recuperate and all that An unease starts building when some innards of what appears to be animal are found by the mother, Matilda, in the garden This finding brings back memories of a deeply shocking and violent murder that had taken place in the woods nearby 15 years previously A murder of two teenagers that had left people in the vicinity stunned by its viciousness Cut to two men posing as police officers paying an apparently routine visit to the Anchor Ferrers who turn out to be kidnappers wishing to torment and scare the family into a form of submission But submission of what is what the family can t work out And it s at this point that the book loses it for me a little because the resolution becomes apparent quite quickly, I m not saying that everyone would see it but I did The Walking Man makes a return and he s the one that asks Caffery to help him as the Walking Ma