Wreaking Three Solitary Characters Remember Their Shared Past In A Sprawling, Derelict Psychiatric Hospital On The English Coast A Turbulent Summer In The Aftermath Of The Hospital S Closure That Culminated In A Shocking, Life Altering Accident But The Each Tries To Comprehend The Past, The Elusive It Becomes Wreaking Is An Intricate, Labyrinthine Novel About The Opiate Power Of Place, The Fragility Of Sanity And The Fickle Nature Of Memory.From The Award Winning Author Of Heliopolis And The Amnesia Clinic.www.jamesscuda.com When you re the only sane person, you look like the only insane person Criss Jami, an American authorAnd that s probably what I was feeling about myself while reading this extraordinarily unique novel of James Scuda, called Wreaking, which is based on the lives and past of three hermitical characters revolving around a desolate and forgotten psychiatric hospital, named Wreaking on the English coast An eerie and creepy tale, at the same time, an enthralling and captivating tale which will pull you into its very psychotic core and leave you with a claustrophobic feeling into the preposterous and freakish world of three deranged characters PS And you are the only sane individual among these set of insane characters I d like to thank the author, James Scuda and his publisher, Louise Court, for sending me over a copy of his incredible novel, in return for an honest and unbiased review Jasper, Cleo, Ronald, Oliver, Carol, Mona Victor all these seven absurd and freakish characters together contribute and establish that undying bond of attachment and liking among the readers with this psychotic asylum, Wreaking. There is no synopsis to this novel, the you turn the pages, the it reveals its secrets and the hidden and forgotten tales that make Wreaking, the book, weirdly interesting It is about
The Wreaking of the title of James Scuda s novel is a vast disused mental hospital on the south coast, close to a bleakly fading seaside town After its closure, Wreaking is bought by Jasper Scriven, an unstable, grieving single father, who brings his troubled teenage daughter Cleo with him to live in the eerie isolation of empty hospital wards and endless echoing corridors But what happened at Wreaking to estrange them, and what horrific accident resulted in the loss of Cleo s eye Why, years later, is the adult Cleo being stalked by Roland, a petty criminal who works for a grotesquely seedy, sinister boss, living in a dankly threatening storage unit under a railway arch And what of Wreaking s former inmates and staff Mona and Carole both frequented Wreaking in the past, and are now living in a rundown guest house but which was the nurse and which was the patient As you may have guessed, Wreaking is far from a barrel of laughs it is, in fact, one of the bleakest novels I ve read in a long time Filled with a powerful, pervasive air of decay and degeneration both physical and mental it gave me a sense of profound unease That isn t to say it isn t an exceptional novel it is It s a beautifully crafted book that is made all the unsettling by the quality of Scuda s prose, a well proportioned mix of the poetic and the deliberately and depressingly mundane The use of language, the awkwardly off kilter character
Great psychological realism I loved this book An update on the Gothic novel, it s nor for anyone looking for a light read Not a lot happens but the atmosphere is what leads you into its dark depths In many ways it reminded me of The Fall of the House of Usher with its trapped inhabitants hiding in a decaying building.The Wreaking of the title is a vast, derelict, psychiatric hospital on the south coats neat to a fading seaside town After its closure, Jasper Scriven buys it with optimistic but ultimately doomed, plans to turn it into a school A grieving single father he moves in with his current partner who soon abandons bot the project and him and his teenage daughter Cleo The echoing, abandoned corridors and guano streaked wards provide a dark and unsettling backdrop as Wreaking begins to fall apart as does Jasper who is now living there alone He stalks his kingdom, now a millstone around his neck, with an oxygen cylinder and estranged from Cleo after a horrific accident She has built a new life for herself away from him But Wreaking itself still re
There s a Leunig cartoon where a man and wife are at the breakfast table and she looks up from the newspaper and says What a pity Your interesting character has just been categorised as a personality disorder Or words to that effect This book made me think of that and of how as an anxious child I used to engage in magical thinking where I had to compulsively count all the time to make things work out OK One of the characters in this book has to watch planes fly over to make sure they don t crash What I m getting at is that this book makes you think about all those funny little nervous habits people have but would never admit to and how close we could seem at times to madness without crossing the line or, perhaps, without checking ourselves in voluntarily to Wreaking and actually being assessed as such by the system Are we sane or teetering on the edge This book is very well written and describes the things we
It was ok.I can t say that it was great for me Can t say why really either.It was sent to me as a subscription book from my local bookshop Reccomended because the author was somewhat local and we live near the abandoned Fairmile hospital now luxury appartments having a love for asylum fiction and a close link to fairmile thorugh friends and family as patients and nurses I thought that I d love it I guess it just didn t hit the right notes for me Too
Amidst a disused Victorian mental asylum on England s south coast, this novel is sublime It s a hauntingly beautiful tale of love, loss and mental illness The craft of the wordsmith is worthy of note here The whole thing creeps along at a steady contented meter The asylum lives and breathes It s character infects the personalities of the surrounding cast It s despairing and loving all at once Like Hanif
Got this book in Goodreads Giveaway Very good, interesting read It kept my attention well It was somewhat disturbing as all the characters are somewhat mentally ill, some than others, which is expected since the story revolves around the old mental hospital, wreaking The hospital is closed, falling down, neglected and
This isn t the type of book that I would normally read but I really enjoyed it It is a fantastic exploration of mental health, set around an ex psychiatric hospital There are plenty of twists and turns along the way and the plot skips forwards and backwards in time effectively The only thing th
I received this book free through Goodreads First Reads I thought the book was very well written, and had a good pace The story is set in a mental hospital and even though the characters are troubled individuals, their stories are interesting I enjoyed

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