You Couldnt Make It Up

You Couldnt Make It Up Here Jeremy Kyle Tells Us Exactly What He S Thinking On A Huge Variety Of Topics From The Craziness Of Becoming A Household Name And The Struggles Of Parenting To The Pitfalls Of Middle Age And His Strong Views On The Current Government.Love Him Or Loathe Him, You Can T Ignore Jeremy Kyle Is He The Most Opinionated Man On Television Or The Only Man Who Has The Balls To Say What We Re All Thinking He Pulls No Punches On Stage But When The Studio Lights Are Turned Down And The Cameras Stop Rolling, What Is It Really Like Being Jeremy Kyle, One Of The Nation S Most Controversial Celebrities Moreover, How Would He Cope If The Focus Of His Famed Straight Talking Was Himself In You Couldn T Make It Up Jeremy Tells Us Exactly What Life Is Like Inside The Crazy Celebrity Circus , Complete With The Rollercoaster Ride Of His Accidental TV Career And All The Highs And Lows Of His Personal Life Read How He Really Feels About His Fellow Celebrities How He S Coping With The Minefield That Is Middle Age And Being A Modern Dad Uncover What Jeremy Thinks About The True State Of The Nation And What He D Really Like To Do To Our Politicians Funny, Self Deprecating And Bursting With His Trademark Honesty, You Couldn T Make It Up Shows Us The Jeremy Kyle Not Seen On TV , And It S As Entertaining And Outspoken As The Man Who Is. Although some of the stuff in this book just seemed a little pointless, Jeremy Kyle is just as comedic in print as he is on television, and his writing does offer a lot of unexpected and insightful commentaries on various situations. I love Jezza.I thought it was quite interesting to see into some of the personal aspects of his life and learn about him and his family.Some of his writing was actually quite funny and I found it overly enjoyable and not a hard read.But like I said I love Jezza. Excellent insight into the world of Jeremy Kyle and what makes him tick Made me laugh out loud on many occasions and was enjoyable to read.Amazing man with great ideas that could change the UK for the better I disagree with Shero who has previously posted a negative review on this book here I can t admit to being a massive fan of Kyle on TV but I do admit that half of what he speaks about in the book is true I don t find this book bigs up Kyle per say rather it bigs down completely the cultural state of the UK at the moment something that most of us Brits may possibly agree with A major message of the book hints at the fact that members of society should take responsibility in their own lives for their own health, happiness and in making things better This book is always going to have less appeal to the moral higher ground who take a personal stance against Kyle but it should appeal to some of us who bemoan certain aspects of law and order and British society It also charts Kyle s own rise as a cult hate figure something he is under no illusion of but is not celebrity nor self obsessed In my very humble opinion, it does bring much to the table and provides the reader with some commo
After reading Jeremy s 1st book..I m only being honest I was unsure if this book would meet my expectations.However it proved to be a really good read, and gave me a good insight into the man who is Jeremy Kyle. This book took some getting through but I finished it in the end Very good, just lots of small chapters giving his opinion on life, better than what I thought it might be Got a bit waffly every once and awhile but overall worth the read. boring

➩ You Couldnt Make It Up  Ebook ➯ Author Jeremy Kyle –
  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • You Couldnt Make It Up
  • Jeremy Kyle
  • English
  • 14 February 2017
  • 9781444704051